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Surrogate mum ordered to help pay for child’s upkeep

THE [Australian] Federal Government is demanding a surrogate mother from New Zealand pay child support for the baby she had for two gay Queensland men.

The woman gave birth to the baby girl a year ago and is refusing to pay for the child’s upkeep, New Zealand’s Sunday Star Times reported.

The baby is being raised by her biological father and his male partner, who have gained child support benefits for the father to stay home and care for her. The couple are the child’s legal guardians.

The woman has refused to talk about the case but a friend said the surrogate thought the baby’s upkeep was the gay couple’s responsibility.

“She’s told the couple they have to sort it out as there’s no way she’s paying,” the friend was quoted as saying.

“The deal was always that the men would sort out the legal and financial stuff.”

Centrelink and the Child Support Agency confirmed they would be seeking maintenance payments from the mother.