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The rape culture of feminism

Do you remember these feminist quotes?

“All men are rapists and that’s all they are.”
Author; (later, advisor to Al Gore’s Presidential Campaign.) – Marilyn French

“I claim that rape exists any time sexual intercourse occurs when it has not been initiated by the woman, out of her own genuine affection and desire.”

Ms. Magazine Editor. – Robin Morgan

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No-one stopped to think this nonsense/theory might be a bad idea to throw tax paid money at. We have certainly come to a stage where 60-85% of rape claims are false by police statistics yet we keep hearing from rape crisis that less than a third of their callers have been to the police to lay charges.

And we have just had ‘rape week’ with the message that rape is preventable and people can do something positive about it.

RPE director Kim McGregor said that in virtually every school the organisation worked, both low and high deciles, there were disclosures of child sexual abuse.

“Rape is preventable, yet it is estimated that one in four females and one in eight males are sexually abused in this country,” Dr McGregor said.

You could almost fall for schools pushing prevention honestly if you didn’t know that the only rights males have in New Zealand are to prevent harm on women/girls and women/girls are always the victim to males. Of course while a boy is under 13 he is also a victim to an elder male. (welcome to political correctness)

And you could fall for it also if you didn’t understand how feminist statistics work for rape funding.

In 1985 the Western Australian parliament dramatically amended the law relating to rape, first by changing the term rape to sexual assault and then greatly widening the definition of what could be classed as sexual assault. Many acts not previously constituting rape were included in the new Act and the criteria for sexual assault was any type of penetration where consent was not present and ongoing. It did not matter that force or threats were not used. The penalty for any type of sexual assault was increased ….

To see the true RAPE CULTURE, one needs to look at what our professors in Universities are teaching our leading feminists throughout the world.

The False Rape Society website has a huge amount of information started by a U.S.-based attorney to help raise awareness about Western Civilisation’s taboo epidemic, wrongful rape claims.

In Addressing Rape Reform in Law and Practice (2008), Professor Susan Caringella of Western Michigan University’s Sociology Department, says: “It is high time to give victims a fair shake, to dismantle the zealous overprotection for men accused of this crime, which have been buoyed up by the myths about false accusations, ulterior motives, and so on, commonly embraced when rape charges are levied.”

Protection? What protection do men have? A camera in the car? No camera in the car? Cell phone camera? More cell phone camera? More. I could go on and on with accounts of false rape in newspapers all over the world.

But what feminists are doing gets worse.

Professor Liz Kelly is quoted in The Hidden Gender in Law (2002) at page 327: “. . . men use a variety of forms of abuse, coercion and force in order to control women. . . . [S]exual violence exists in most women’s lives . . ..” At pages 350-51: “There is no clear distinction . . . between consensual sex and rape,

Wow! All males seriously are considered rapists.

But wait there’s more!

Feminist Wendy McElroy writes: “There is little clarity to what radical feminists deem to be consent and coercion in sex. Consider a typical definition of sexual violence presented by Liz Kelly in her book Surviving Sexual Violence: ‘Sexual violence includes any physical, visual, verbal or sexual act that is experienced by the woman or girl, at the time or later, as a threat, invasion or assault that has the effect of hurting her or degrading her and/or taken away her ability to control intimate contact.’ This type of language has become a common guideline for identifying sexual violence. One of many problems with this definition is its subjectivity. The woman need not have felt threatened or coerced at the time of the sex act for that act to be sexual violence. In the light of regrets, the women might conclude later that she had been coerced. Moreover, it relies entirely upon the women’s experience, not the man’s or the totality of the experience.”

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One of the problems with our own NZ rape crisis (added to the above) is that the women in the positions to throw every man and boy in prison think that women don’t even drink of their own accord. They think men are responsible for that too. They don’t think women are capable of saying ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ when drinking so our prisons are filling up with men because women have later decided to change their mind. Most rape complaints in NZ today involve alcohol and a couple of drinks found in a woman’s system is automatically rape with or without a woman’s say. Married or not.

And truth be told, “Women in NZ are treated like little children who can’t be held responsible for anything. Not even prison. It is ALWAYS male’s fault.”

We are no different from overseas feminists.

Today, as we sit outraged in our armchairs, 4,274 women and girls languish in our jails. These are not the dangerous criminals one might imagine, but often sad victims of circumstance and violence — often at the hands of men. More than half have been victims of domestic violence, a third have experienced sexual abuse, and 25% have been in care as children. Two-thirds of women in prison have dependent children under 18; of these, just one in 20 remain in their own home once their mother has been sentenced.

These vulnerable women, damaged at the hands of men through violence, sexual abuse, neglect, or trafficking, are victims themselves.

Tragically, the dire consequences leave blood on the male-dominated government’s hands.“>Read full article.

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I hope sincerely you keep the false rape society bookmarked.