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Where is the Legal Help??

Hi there,

About 6 months ago I applied for day-to-day care of my 16 month year old daughter. We eventually done counseling and came to an agreement. My ex and I were still trying to be friends and we still having a sexual relationship, and everything looked fine.

Then in the space of bout twenty fours hours this all changed. She took it to a judicial conference and claimed I was violent towards her when we were in a relationship, I have drug and alcohol problems, I suffer from depression and was on medication (my doctor is still trying to find that in my medical file ), and my house was damp and moldy and smelled of cigarettes.

The courts have “directed” me to do anger management, drug and alcohol counseling, a parenting course, a letter of welling being from my GP and a social workers report.

I recently lost my job due to re-injury and don’t even know how I am supposed to pay for all this and have no clue what to do. I am on legal aid, and so far every lawyer I have used has been pretty useless but im to skeptical about representing myself.

The current orders are that I see my daughter, supervised at her home every Sunday from 12pm until 2pm but her mother and her family are either not letting me see her or the few times they have they kick me out forty or so minutes early.

When I leave my daughter she becomes very distressed and starts crying and screaming, clinging to my leg.

I don’t mind the interim orders but am worried about the effect this is all having on my daughter. My lawyers dont tell me what is going on half the time and i feel they just roll over for the other party in court, no contesting the allegations or anything.

Is there anyway to get this all moving faster?? Any advice you could give me would be much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Casey Ryken