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Woman denies false rape claim against police recruit

There have been heated exchanges at a rape trial at the High Court in Wellington, where police recruit Mark James Tulloch, 31, is accused of raping a woman he met on an internet dating site.

A lot is riding on getting to the truth now a days with the push from feminists to find more men guilty of rape charges and men who are innocent and not wanting to go to prison for around 8 years on a false allegation.

This case is really juicy.

A single mother has been on dating websites writing sexual, talking sex over the phone and having text sex including pictures of herself naked to other men.

She meets up with a man, invites him back to her house for a shag, gives oral sex, drinks more with the neighbour and then accuses the man of rape after they have sex.

But this is not the only man she has accused of rape. Another man is waiting trial for an accusation from her also.

The defence lawyer has accused her of being a dangerous woman who has made false complaints in the past. But she says the rape did happen, and she has gone through a huge amount of suffering.

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