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Archive of 2010

Examples of the Pussy Pass in Action

Fri 24th December 2010:

Here are several incredible examples of the pussy pass, sexist chivalry on display in our criminal justice system.

The Genderisation of Partner Violence

Wed 22nd December 2010:

After reading other members’ contributions I thought you might like to read a presentation I gave at work about what I perceive as a bigotted and sexist attitude towards family violence with social service agencies, the media and society in general. Introduction There appears to be a disturbing trend where males are typecast as the […]

Wake Up

Sun 19th December 2010:

Here is an acoustic version of a song I wrote some years ago and I am just now recording. The mp3 format reduces the sound quality, but anyway, this is the first ever published version of this song.

Board of Shame

Fri 17th December 2010:

Still battling to see my kids via the Family Court. Not even getting a hearing date. I think the system is on its last legs. Just had an idea. Has anybody thought about having a Board of Shame on the internet listing all the mothers that prevent fathers from seeing their offspring? I am interested […]

Critics warn on pregnant mother alerts re abuse

Sun 12th December 2010:

Whilst the public debate about child abuse in NZ has been somewhat distracted by deaths and horrific injuries to a very small number of children, the overall social vandalism of larger numbers of children is perhaps more disabling, in the territory of emotional neglect. Although emotional neglect leaves no bruises or broken bones and a […]

More Misandrist Justice

Sat 11th December 2010:

A couple of interesting recent Court examples of minimization of women’s offending. Firstly, associated with the Murapara gangster murder of a teenager four additional people, three men and one woman were convicted of participating in a criminal group.

Breach of justice as a Suicide Trigger

Mon 6th December 2010:

Breach of justice as a Suicide Trigger Please note that I am using justice in the sense of police investigation plus caught hearings. Betrayal of trust can also be seen as being your own worst enemy, by misplacing your trust. Be streetwise! Massive miscarriage of justice By Louise Shorter, from insidetime issue November 2010 Legal […]

Survey on “Prenuptual” Agreements

Sun 5th December 2010:

I am conducting a survey on use and experience of “prenuptual” or relationship property agreements. I would be grateful if you could complete the survey and also if you would pass on the link to other people or groups so that I can get a meaningful sample. I welcome any comments about the survey itself, […]

Should gender studies be scrapped?

Thu 2nd December 2010:

I went back to school as an adult student to study business, with an accounting major in the hope of starting my own business a number of years back. While studying the last papers I phoned my tutor and said I was disappointed because I felt the amount of compulsory social papers took up time […]

Suicide awareness and prevention presentation

Wed 1st December 2010:

I thought I’d put this up here because it’s become a big event and men’s representative Jim Bagnall is presenting something special about fathers plight and suicide and by the looks of it Murray will be video taping the event. Also, I chased up a teenager who left a comment on a post by Mike […]

Pike River Mine Disaster

Tue 23rd November 2010:

Although a minority of news reports use the term “men” to refer to the miners, I have not come across one discussion of men’s roles in maintaining the infrastructure of our privileged lifestyle, or the fact that men have always comprised very close to 100% of workplace deaths in NZ. Today I sent the following […]

Cutting access to jury trials

Sun 21st November 2010:

Simon Power has tried to cultivate an image of being an active Minister of Justice. Jury trials ruled out for smacking He is in stark contrast to previous Ministers of Justice, such as Phil-(Peter Ellis)-Goff (who was inconsequential and seemed to follow official’s advice and contribute no initiatives himself) and The-Right-Honourable-Douglas-Graham [legal-worker] (who introduced the […]

Requesting “judges” to follow existing laws?

Trust in “judges” The USA Government provides lowest tolerable level benefits for returning war veterans. Although these “benefits” are provided, to pay for ongoing more essential and basic medical needs for the war damaged veteran, wives who Ex-ed after they became aware of the degree of damage, have been awarded half of the veteran benefit, […]

Competently addressing men’s suicide as well as women’s

Sat 20th November 2010:

I and other contributors on MENZ have criticised NZ suicide researchers for showing relatively scant interest or care in younger middle aged men’s suicides, particularly if not coloured. This criticism seems to apply to all NZ suicide research published in the last 20 years. Although some commentators put this down to callous disregard for men, […]

Protection Order

What can you do if what she says are lies ?

Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith Inaugural Lecture

Fri 19th November 2010:

On 23rd September my wife Felicity delivered her Inaugural Lecture at Auckland University’s Tamaki Campus. This is now available on video. In parts one and two she talks about how her career has developed and the projects she is currently working on, which will mostly be of interest to those of you who have met […]

False Memories

Tue 16th November 2010:

The intense scientific and courtroom debates in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, referred to as “the memory wars”, have largely settled now because of the large amount of research demonstrating beyond doubt that, through a variety of simple influences, children and adults can easily develop memories for events that never happened and that existing memories […]

Peter Hodgson’s Misandry

Tue 9th November 2010:

Peter Hodgson, Labour Party Defence Spokesman yesterday showed how well he was trained in misandry under Helen Clark’s tutorship. He was interviewed on National Radio Morning Report about the SAS doing a training day for a group of businessmen in order to raise money for a trust fund helping soldiers’ families. Here is an excerpt […]

Big Buddies for boys with ‘violent’ fathers

Wed 3rd November 2010:

Dear John Potter In February last year you wrote a comment supporting the Big Buddy organisation, in which you said that buddies would not be assigned to boys with a father present, but excluded by the Family Court. That’s certainly what I believed when I became involved. But now I hear on the grapevine that […]

Empty Pushchair Attacks Whitehall – again

Fathers Need Families UK are organising a march on Whitehall, to support shared parenting and a less profit driven family law (ie less adversarial) approach in UK. Such an approach would improve the situation of children, rather than financially pilfering and socially damaging families, as familycaughts in UK and NZ are currently operating. This brings […]

Important Radio Broadcast

Fri 29th October 2010:

Our good friend James Williams in the UK has a radio program in Portsmouth, called “Men’s Matters”. Online at His current broadcast is exceptional. Please listen to it via the link above and email your supportive comments to the radio station.

MY LIE: A True Story of False Memory by Meredith Maran

Thu 28th October 2010:

Hello, I’m the author of a new book about my false accusation against my father, and thought you might like to know about it/post it on your site. Here’s the page on And here’s my website page with details about the book: Meredith Maran lived a daughter’s nightmare. At age 37, she accused […]

CSAct Impact onto Separated Parenting Relationships

Wed 27th October 2010:

Economics versus Parenting Values To care for children, at the lowest cost, favours larger family groups and specialising in the provision of services and earning. As separation will incur large additional housing costs, there will be increased pressure to cut other spending, especially on the children. By contrast, good quality parenting requires that both parents […]

Child Support Act – Accountability Between Parents

The Child Support Act was ostensibly passed into legislation, to try to stem the rapid increase in the cost of the Domestic Purposes benefit (DPB), by trying to pass on this cost to the fathers of the children. Rather than directly address the people making the decisions, that led to the DBP being drawn, the […]

Anti-Feminist Meeting in Switzerland

Mon 25th October 2010:

Around the world men are waking up to the fraud of feminism and a gathering snowball of activism is rolling. This European meeting is supported by conscious men in Sweden, long recognized as a leading cesspit of female privilege and male enslavement. The translation is poor but you will get the picture.

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