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Archive of March 2010

MP Way back in opposition

Wed 31st March 2010:

article from here MP doubts court changes Thursday, 18 March 2004 CLEVEDON MP Judith Collins doubts proposed changes to the New Zealand courts system will help to bring greater transparency to the Family Court. The National party’s families spokesperson said the Law Commission’s recommendation to open up the Family Court, including allowing the media to […]

Men in early childhood education.

Tue 30th March 2010:

I just found a site dedicated to men in early childhood education. I have no idea if these folk are incredibly brave or incredibly naive. Check it out for yourself:

Think about the state of the NZ male.

Consider the state of the NZ male when you read this quote. Tell me if you think this describes the state of NZ men today and why. Afterwards I’ll tell you who wrote it and when. A wise ancient declared that the most perfect popular government was that ‘where an injury done to the meanest […]

Why the man drought?

Wellington – Single women have a problem finding a husband or partner in New Zealand – they outnumber men. There are 35,000 more women in the prime marrying age group of 20 to 45, according to Statistics New Zealand and the situation is so bad that a 32-year-old Kiwi woman has as much chance of […]

The stereotype NZ female

Wikipedia (which you will know can be edited by anybody) has this to say about the stereotypical NZ female: The kiwi female There are few stereotypes surrounding New Zealand women, and these stereotypes are not as strong as those involving men. The two strongest stereotypes are: * Independence: New Zealand women are sometimes thought to […]

Towards more abuse of children by domestic violence industry stake holders

Mon 29th March 2010:

In today’ press, the violence industry is at it again. To get funding they need to show the numbers up. So what do they do? they create them by encouraging women to break up their families. They have the tools for that. As one admits in this article you can’t encourage a woman to break […]

A BBC series is exploring the reasons why fathers lose touch with their children

Sun 28th March 2010:

The series starts Wednesday 31st of March and thanks to the online men’s network, I will be able to post links for your viewing pleasure. But for now, a preview will suffice………….. Sara Feilden, the producer for Films of Record, who made the BBC series says she is glad to have found the brief window […]

Happy 4th Birthday Family First

Sat 27th March 2010:

I am sure most people still remember the No smacking referendum where 87.6 percent of the 1,622,150 New Zealanders who participated in exercising their right to democracy voted ‘NO’ (full provisional results) and the petitions that circulated New Zealand to make the referendum possible.

US VAWA, implications for NZ

Carey Roberts’ latest piece highlights how the International Violence Against Women Act, VAWA, appears to violate the US constitution. Sooner or later, keen rights advocates are likely to challenge this sexist and divisive legislation and, like many other temporary US laws, it will be shafted. New Zealand on the other hand has no constitution. There […]

What do you get for your $160,140?

Wed 24th March 2010:

Check out this on the return on investment of children. The Australian government worked out middle income folk spend $160,140 raising a child to age 18. This article considers what do you get for your $160,140?

National Discriminates on Gender

National’s flagship welfare reforms have been found to unfairly discriminate against 43,000 solo mums and dads. In a report just tabled in Parliament, Attorney-General Chris Finlayson says the reforms breach the Bill of Rights Act on three grounds by discriminating on the basis of sex and family and marital status. Report Here Regards Scrap

Educating young people about the qualities of a successful marriage.

This is a very thoughtful insight by Mark Brandenburg.  The full article can be found here. “Can we possibly continue with a system in which half of our children witness the breakup of their parent’s marriage? Is a divorce rate near 50% enough to have us consider new ideas about how we decide about marriage […]

A users guide to men – feminist perspective has an article on Author Kathy Lette about her latest book titled, ‘Men: A User’s Guide’. It’s a collection of clever and caustic quips collected from her writing and observations from her marriage to human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robinson but it sounds like a lot of feminist spin. Lette tells the interviewer that her […]

Have there been changes to the DPB or is this just spin?

Tue 23rd March 2010:

It was reported in the NZH that there will be welfare reforms. In this article it claims that: “They also involve tightening the requirement procedures for those who repeatedly receive hardship grants, and extend part-time work obligations to domestic purposes beneficiaries with children over six years old.” Since when have there been part-time work obligations […]

Soldier’s protest of the family court proceedings

Sun 21st March 2010:

A British returned soldier locked family court doors with chains, barring staff from entering their workplace, in protest of his treatment while serving his country. He says, “I recently returned from duty fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan to find that judges at Darlington county court had granted my wife a non-molestation and an occupation order […]

Opening address to the Promoting Mental health and Well-being In Men symposium

MP Peter Dunne from United Future political party opened the Wairarapa Men’s Health meeting very well, ..I thought. I particularly liked the way he addressed lots of areas where work is needed and included men’s issues spoken on men’s sites. I know some of his wording won’t go down well but I also know it’s […]

False Rape Claim

Sat 20th March 2010:

Will be of interest to all. Regards Scrap Mr Joseph was last week acquitted at the High Court in Rotorua on all charges relating to the alleged rape of the 14-year-old Mangakino girl in March, 2009. The charges he faced included abduction, forcibly taking a minor and rape. The jury took just seven minutes to […]

Rolling News

Thu 18th March 2010:

Rather than do a news omnibus as I have done in the past (they take too long) I will try to convey news in small amounts more frequently. People can add any stories they find to this thread. I start out with a story today headlined “Dad Stabbed in Struggle with Women Burglars“. The man […]

Women are being barred from men’s health conference

Wed 17th March 2010:

A Men’s Health meeting has prevented women from taking part in a two-day conference on male suicide rates. The National Council of Women supported the decision, saying it was about participants feeling they could open up. The Human Rights Commission said there was nothing illegal or discriminatory in the way the conference was being promoted […]

Class Action against State Government

Sun 14th March 2010:

Violence law faces challenge by GILL VOWLES March 14, 2010 08:50am A TASMANIAN group has filed a $200 million class action against Premier David Bartlett and the Director of Public Prosecutions. It is believed to be the first Australian class action against a law. JAIL (Juries Against Illegal Laws) filed papers with the Federal Court […]

Erin Pizzey: An Open Letter to Women

Sat 13th March 2010:

Erin Pizzey: An Open Letter to Women in the Domestic Violence Movement Friday, March 12, 2010 By Abusegate Bob Link Here AN OPEN LETTER TO WOMEN IN THE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE MOVEMENT FROM THE FOUNDER OF THE MOVEMENT AND AUTHOR OF THE FIRST MODERN BOOK ABOUT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE When I first tried to open the refuge, […]

Download Suicide Petition

Fri 12th March 2010:

Well I haven’t been able to post this petition so it’s full size, but it’s big enough to collect signatures on. If anyone finds a way to restore it to fit almost an entire A4 page, they could inform the group.


Thu 11th March 2010:

Kerry asked me to post this release. SKELETON SUICIDE PETITION HITS NERVE The skeleton suicide petitioners say they have hit a nerve on the streets in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Since launching the skeleton suicide petition at parliament they have gathered thousands of signatures for an inquiry into suicide. The working party on suicide claim […]

On the lighter side…

Wed 3rd March 2010:

At the salon, I overheard the receptionist admit to another woman, “I haven’t taken my vitamins today. I’m walking around unprotected.” The woman commiserated with her. “I haven’t taken my Prozac today–everyone’s walking around unprotected.”

‘Family’ Violence Death Report 2010

The DVA and and the essence of its implementation and the industry around it are the main reason for the deaths statistics cited in the article below. Most of the deaths are a consequence of the brutish and violent Family Court intervention. I call the review panel to poke its nose inside the Family Court […]

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