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Archive of April 2010

The dirty secret of sex slavery.

Fri 30th April 2010:

Feminism and the refuge industry will have you believe the sex industry is awash with exploited girls forced into the sex trade against their will. The dirty secret is that (at lest in the UK) it doesn’t exist. It is a myth. This is so extremely rare to be inconsequential even though there are thousands […]

Institutionalized Favouritism Towards Female Offender

Day after day our news media report blatant examples of denigration, disrespect, disenfranchisement and neglect towards men and institutionalized favouritism towards women, but here’s one that deserves some kind of prize.

Children’s inheritance dilemma

Thu 29th April 2010:

I have shared care and guardianship of my two children. They have been left a substantial amount of money by my ex-partner’s grandmother (their Great-Grandmother) which will set them up for life. I have only learnt about this by accident from a 3rd party. My ex-partner is taking my children to court to take their […]


Tue 27th April 2010:

I think most people on this site believe a child needs a mother and a father. I also believe this to be true. These days it is possible for a single man to have a child by surrogacy. That is his sperm, a donor egg from woman 1, a surrogate woman to give birth. The […]

The following pages keeps being deleted from Wikipedia by feminsts.

Marriage strike A ‘marriage strike’ is the social phenomenon of men seeking to avoid marriage. The ‘marriage strike’ specifically refers to the action of men living within the Western world. Advocates of the marriage strike believe that after a considered cost-benefit analysis, the legal contract that is modern marriage no longer represents an attractive option […]

The Mental Health and Parenting Practices of Recently Separated Parents Survey

Approximately one half of committed relationships (marriage or de facto) result in separation — that’s a lot of separated adults. Between August 2007 and July 2008, the Family Court in New Zealand granted 10,000 divorces — and that doesn’t account for all of the de facto relationships that ended during that time. The breakup of […]

What Women Need to Know about Men.

Thu 22nd April 2010:

Given the huge amount of time and words women spend discussing relationships I find it rather surprising how little the majority of women understand about men. Here is an article titled What Women Need to Know about Men.

NZ lags well behind Australia

The New Zealand Family Court is at least 8 years behind Australia and this gap is growing. Have a read of this article from the Sydney Morning Heard published in Oct 1996. Since then these changes and also changes to Child Support have been made in Australia. The judiciary are only slowly changing but they […]

More vengence from an ex partner?

Mon 19th April 2010:

Two Rotorua women broke into a man’s house, burgled him and then black mailed him. One of them is a midwife. If she is found guilty it is my opinion she should be banned from midwifery or any medical profession. However I doubt there is any mechanism for this ban to occur. Imagine the out […]

Jail for sex outside marriage?

A woman in Dubai is alleging rape. Consider the following law in a rational and objective manner. It occurs to me that the Dubai laws are in fact more just than our system. Although when I say that I assume that the judge has the option to rule that he can’t confirm either person’s version […]

Male teachers should have insurance benefit.

Male teachers should be give an extra benefit paid by the government. That is an insurance fund to pay the legal costs in any abuse allegation plus compensation for the stress and impact on their career. I have no idea if the current case is valid or not. For all I know this guy may […]

The myths persist.

No matter how many times mothers kill and seriously harm their own children the myth that this is exceptional persists. Gabriela Espinosa, 23 was arrested early Saturday after police said she admitted drowning her 2 month old baby boy while they were interviewing her following a traffic stop, ABC TV station KFSN in Fresno, USA […]

Pre-nups – another deceitful example of family law.

A New York woman spent 9.5 years in divorce proceedings screwing over her ex husband. Nothing new about that. What made the news was that having realised how easy it is for a determined woman to destroy an ex husband it dawned on her that some other woman could do the same thing to her […]

Highest Court in Oz has LIAR judge.

Sun 18th April 2010:

Australian Government Remains Silent on Judicial Fraud Thursday, April 15, 2010 By Ash Patil The 7th of April 2010 marked the fourth anniversary of the Magill v Magill paternity fraud case in Australia, effectively creating two remarkable precedents in terms of the perpetuation of fraud in this country.

Aussie Child Tax Paternity Update

Australian men reclaim child support through DNA tests after law change Australian fathers are reclaiming thousands of dollars in child support payments after a change in the law allowed them to demand DNA tests on children Peter Dunne(Nothing) could have followed the Aussie lead instead of doing nothing about Paternity Fraud. (Re-spun by academics as […]

Cure for prostate cancer F77

Wed 14th April 2010:

I have only just found out about the F77 cure for prostate cancer. Has this been widely reported? Is NZ allocating funds to speed this into clinical trials stage? Surely a cure for cancer as promising as this would have government funding pouring into it? Oh wait this cancer only affects males.

Should we have happy fathers?

I’d like to know your thoughts on this subject. I am interested in long term happiness. The kind of happiness when you can say you have a happy and forfulling life. I think it is important. MENZ – – promoting a clearer understanding of men’s experience – Does it matter to society if fathers are […]

Suicides prompt child custody shakeup

Mon 12th April 2010:

article here A high suicide rate among people involved in Family Court custody proceedings has prompted the country’s top family judge to shake up the system. The court is speeding up the way it deals with childcare disputes, particularly when they involve potential violence or abuse. Principal Family Court Judge Peter Boshier said too many […]

Family Court changes announced

Sun 11th April 2010:

Article here A shake-up of Family Court processes will speed up child care cases, with those involving abuse or violence to receive urgent attention. Principal Family Court Judge Peter Boshier, who announced the changes today, said cases involving family break-ups often saw bitter disputes between parents. “This can cause considerable delay in resolving the issues, […]

Ministry of Womans Affairs Quiz

Sat 10th April 2010:

This thread is a post of the comment by No Confidence to the Child Tax Quiz Thread. Its way offf topic of the Child Tax Quiz and should be a thread of its own, Regards Scrap Who said this… Of all the politically correct organisations littering our Capital, the big Mother of them all is the […]

Child Support Quiz

Fri 9th April 2010:

Who said this ? When did they say it? The further point that follows from that is that when non-custodial parents are asked to pay a substantially increased sum of money into the State’s coffers to offset the cost of benefits those non-custodial parents will find it that much more difficult to engage in voluntary […]

Wanted: 1000 women

Thu 8th April 2010:

We are looking for 1000 women to assist us to protect the rights of children. WE NEED YOU! You can make a difference. About 20% of children are denied the right to know who their biological parent is for no good reason. We want 1000 women to name Mr Peter F Boshier as the father […]

Reproductive rights

Wed 7th April 2010:

Men have no reproductive rights. In fact they are punished and held in servitude for the reproductive choices of women. Think I am exaggerating? Think again. Here is an American group raising awareness of this issue. “The problems connected to unwanted pregnancies exist not because a guy has sex. Sex will always happen. The problems […]

A teenage solo parent

Here is an article about a solo teenage parent, written in 2005. Worth reading I think.

Peter Dunne Child Tax Quotes

Tue 6th April 2010:

Time to analyse the words of Child Tax Administrator Dunne Nothing.

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