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Archive of June 2010

HOLOCAUST IN HOLLOW COURT or More Blatant Corruption in Nelson FC

Wed 30th June 2010:

Part 4 (continued from Part 3, 2th June  2010) With a new Judge and a new Counsel for Child (CfC) I thought maybe…maybe now fairness and justice would improve but little did I know then that their inflated egos would not stand for a common man questioning a Judge or CfC’s integrity (or as I […]

What rights do men and women have to murder?

Mon 28th June 2010:

There’s an article in the NZHerald about killer Gay Oakes finding a new love and planning to marry. She was convicted of murdering her husband and sentenced to life imprisonment after lacing her de facto partner Doug Gardner’s coffee with sleeping pills and burying his body in the back yard of their home in Sydenham, […]

Should the men’s movement rethink?

Sat 26th June 2010:

The past few months would have to be the worst period of the online men’s movement I’ve seen. It’s not unusual for inside fighting also known as inside politics to occur, and sometimes it’s worth laughing about while other times it gets real messy and pain is inflicted. It’s easy enough to do when men […]

Child Support Formula fundementally flawed

Wed 23rd June 2010:

SEPARATED parents owe their ex-partners more than $1 billion in child support payments, the Auditor-General reported yesterday. The Australian National Audit Office investigation into child support reform found that half of separated parents are failing to pay all, or any, of their child support liabilities. The audit report, tabled in parliament yesterday, criticises the Child […]

Nutrition Study Volunteers Wanted

Tue 22nd June 2010:

Milk fractions to treat metabolic syndrome The University of Auckland Human Nutrition Unit is inviting overweight male volunteers to take part in a dietary study. What is the aim of the study? The aims of this study are to determine whether two novel fractions from cow’s milk can treat symptoms of the metabolic syndrome in […]

Menz shed movement reaches Kapiti

Mon 21st June 2010:

I have just been advised that MenzShed is getting set up in Kapiti. It has achieved registration as an incorporated society this past week so it can now raise funds for this charitable purpose. The first meeting to formalise the group of people to operate the place will be 3.00 pm tomorrow Tuesday 22 June […]

If this was a man!

Sun 20th June 2010:

A question – what would have happened if this was a man? Sex attack gets drink-driver off

the {invisible} men

Fri 18th June 2010:

I recommend you read the full article here: I encourage you to leave a comment there as well as here.

Car bonnet murder case appeal backed

Car bonnet murder case appeal backed A Taranaki woman who killed her ex-partner by crashing her car while he was clinging to the bonnet has been given a last chance to appeal against her murder conviction. What is the appeal based on?

Help for violent women

Wed 26 May 2010 (ODT Online) Family violence is not just a man’s domain and more women are seeking help for their abusive tendencies. Stopping Violence Dunedin (SVD) manager Lynne Baird said the organisation received at least one phone call a week from women wanting to do something about their violent tendencies. Feedback from probation […]

Sue Bradford and her new Feminist Doctorate

Mon 14th June 2010:

I received this from Barbara Faithful and thought it worth sharing with others.

Can someone explain this?

Sun 13th June 2010:

A Nelson businessman who secretly recorded his wife, who was having an affair, says it is unfair that he has been portrayed as a sexual deviant, but has admitted the charges against him so he can “get on with life”. Pat, 53, pleaded guilty in the Whakatane District Court to four charges of publishing an […]

I wont let your son see you and I’ll have a $3.3m chalet with that:

Fri 11th June 2010:

In the most recent hearing of the matter, before judge Christine Dawe in Adelaide, the wife made her claim for $278,000 a month in spousal support backdated to 2005. She also wanted a $24m property settlement, including a $3.3m chalet in Switzerland, and $1.2m a year to pay for four full-time carers (her family members) […]

Men are wallets

Wed 9th June 2010:

Men are viewed as wallets. Before marriage, during marriage and after marriage. Governments see themselves as substitute men-wallets. This is illustrated by a new initiative exclusively for unemployed single women. I think many men would be OK with this provided there was some reciprocal commitment. However that is not the reality. Men need to ask […]

Cheap simple paternity tests are available from Australia.

Cheap simple DNA tests are available from Australia. Use them. The NZ Family court desperately wants you to pay child support to the mother, whether you are the father or not. One trick they use is to refuse to accept the results from DNA test results from Australia. However once you are armed with this […]

Man sets himself alight in Brisbane

Tue 8th June 2010:

A MAN set himself on fire outside of Brisbane’s Supreme Court complex after an unfavourable family court decision, according to witnesses at the scene. It sounds like he sat down for a while and thought about it quietly. Then he set himself alight. 90 percent of his body was burned. He was taken to hospital […]

What about equality in retirement?

Mon 7th June 2010:

If feminism is about equality then why don’t feminists ever talk about retirement issues? For example males in NZ used to have a life expectancy 7 years less than women until very recently. The gap is now down to 4 or 5 years. Even so this is significantly less. In addition males in retirement tend […]

Court uses Facebook to serve paternity test order

Fri 4th June 2010:

In a case which highlights the difficulties of keeping a low profile when you have a Facebook account, a court has ordered that the social networking site be used to serve legal documents on an elusive father in a child support dispute. Sydney Morning Herald: Court uses Facebook to serve paternity test order Interesting! Regards Scrap

Feminists in denial about how they are failing girls.

Wed 2nd June 2010:

There is ever growing awareness of the negative outcomes of modern feminism. Feminists themselves of course refuse to acknowledge any responsibilities.

HOLOCAUST IN HOLLOW COURT or More Corruption by Judge and Judicial Conduct Commissioner

PART 3 So after the Judge covered up the serious conflict of interest of Counsel for Child (CfC), I ‘of course’ complained to the Judicial Complaints Commissioner (JCC).

Family Court Technical Group

Tue 1st June 2010:

Hi folks I have created a private group for those who are involved as McKenzie Friends or self litigants in the family court that may be of interest to some.

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