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Archive of October 2010

Important Radio Broadcast

Fri 29th October 2010:

Our good friend James Williams in the UK has a radio program in Portsmouth, called “Men’s Matters”. Online at His current broadcast is exceptional. Please listen to it via the link above and email your supportive comments to the radio station.

MY LIE: A True Story of False Memory by Meredith Maran

Thu 28th October 2010:

Hello, I’m the author of a new book about my false accusation against my father, and thought you might like to know about it/post it on your site. Here’s the page on And here’s my website page with details about the book: Meredith Maran lived a daughter’s nightmare. At age 37, she accused […]

CSAct Impact onto Separated Parenting Relationships

Wed 27th October 2010:

Economics versus Parenting Values To care for children, at the lowest cost, favours larger family groups and specialising in the provision of services and earning. As separation will incur large additional housing costs, there will be increased pressure to cut other spending, especially on the children. By contrast, good quality parenting requires that both parents […]

Child Support Act – Accountability Between Parents

The Child Support Act was ostensibly passed into legislation, to try to stem the rapid increase in the cost of the Domestic Purposes benefit (DPB), by trying to pass on this cost to the fathers of the children. Rather than directly address the people making the decisions, that led to the DBP being drawn, the […]

Anti-Feminist Meeting in Switzerland

Mon 25th October 2010:

Around the world men are waking up to the fraud of feminism and a gathering snowball of activism is rolling. This European meeting is supported by conscious men in Sweden, long recognized as a leading cesspit of female privilege and male enslavement. The translation is poor but you will get the picture.

Greg Meads and the Partial Defence of Provocation

Sun 24th October 2010:

Greg Meads killed his wife by shooting her at close range and he has now been convicted of murder. His action was no more acceptable in a civilized society than a wife similarly killing her husband, and Mr Meads deserves appropriate justice. However, the case is relevant to the men’s movement for at least two […]

Child support review submissions high

Thu 14th October 2010:

Fom the ODT More than 1250 submissions on the review of child support have already been made ahead of the October 29 deadline. Revenue Minister Peter Dunne said there was a lot of interest in the reform of the child support system. “Contributions received will have a big influence on ensuring that we have a […]

Women’s Refuge tainted by activist element

Fri 8th October 2010:

During the 1996 Women’s Refuge annual fundraising week, Paul Henry, (then) talkback host on Radio Pacific, commented on the disquiet many people feel about that organisation’s political activism. Barbara Faithfull, secretary of the (now defunct) Credo Society Incorporated, wrote to support him. Dear Paul, Re Women’s Refuge Movement Congratulations on your comments on the above […]

DomPost Domestic Violence Propaganda

Tue 5th October 2010:

This was in Saturdays DomPost. (Front Page) Police are preparing for a spike in violence if the All Blacks lose next year’s Rugby World Cup. This follows surges in domestic violence overseas in similar situations. Police Commissioner Howard Broad has said the “possibility that the All Blacks will lose has entered into our risk management”, […]

Complaints against Women’s Refuge advertising upheld

Mon 4th October 2010:

Complaints were put in to the Advertising Standards Authority About the women’s refuge print ad and their television ad that ran during their fund raising week in July. Both complaints were upheld. The decision of the advertising standards authority can be found here. 10/424 – Womens Refuge Newspaper Advertisement Decision: Complaint Upheld 10/433 – Womens […]

Sexual Harrassment

I have been in Australia recently and this story has received quite a lot of publicity. What do you thnk?

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