MENZ Issues

A users guide to men – feminist perspective has an article on Author Kathy Lette about her latest book titled, ‘Men: A User’s Guide’. It’s a collection of clever and caustic quips collected from her writing and observations from her marriage to human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robinson but it sounds like a lot of feminist spin.

Lette tells the interviewer that her human rights lawyer husband is bad because he doesn’t do enough around the home, while her housekeeper serves them tea and biscuits.

When asked about her book being man hate Lette replied….

It’s not man-bashing, it’s just annoying them until they start paying us more attention and pull their finger out,” she says.

First reaction would have to be, “Sack her husband as a human rights lawyer” but being raised by a single mother, it is possible Lette’s angry for not having her father around.

It seems Lette is not only dissatisfied with her husband but she’s dissatisfied 80% of university graduates are female, women’s health has priority to men’s health, a woman’s word leads to a man’s conviction, women’s crimes are being considered a cry for help while men are being tortured and raped in prisons and that western countries have a treaty with feminists.

Besides being dissatisfied, Lette, who lives in London, where women are divorcing their husbands before they loose their jobs in the recession so they are court ordered to pay extremely large sums of alimony even though they can’t earn it has more to say …..

“I said in the book now that women are economically independent and we can impregnate ourselves, if our vibrators could kill spiders in the bathtub and light the barbie would we need them at all? No we wouldn’t.

I see a future where not only the clientele for hitmen/women change from women to men over divorce settlements in the UK, but a new brand of vibrators that kill spiders and light BBQs hitting the shelves in the near future. Who knows, Lette might just put her name to it and men might just invent it.

However Lette has more to say in her 184 page man bashing book that she dares men to read. And gives more excuse as to why she should be able to write horrid things about men.

“Until we get equal pay I’m going to comically kneecap men as often as possible because it’s still a man’s world and they deserve raspberries.

Of course Lette and and her girlfriends singers/actresses/role models Kylie and Danii Minogue out-earn most men and women but even so, she decides it’s men’s fault women make the choice to work part-time for their life style rather than full-time and prefer jobs where it’s safe like inside secure buildings rather than outdoors in the heat and rain putting roofs on buildings or deep down mines or washing windows on the outside of skyscrapers. She also blames men for woman not competing like men do.

The way I see it, Lette’s going to cash in as much as possible on man hate. Her other books include HOW TO KILL YOUR HUSBAND (AND OTHER HANDY HOUSEHOLD HINTS) and TO LOVE HONOUR AND BETRAY (TILL DIVORCE US DO PART).