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Cheap simple paternity tests are available from Australia.

Cheap simple DNA tests are available from Australia. Use them.
The NZ Family court desperately wants you to pay child support to the mother, whether you are the father or not. One trick they use is to refuse to accept the results from DNA test results from Australia. However once you are armed with this knowledge then you are in the drivers seat and can force the issue.

I have found one company. There are probably others – shop around.
Here is a quote from one company web site.

“Knowing the truth is always better than living in doubt. It is truly rewarding to help responsible people take corrective action for their mistakes. Unfortunately there are cases where dishonesty makes a bad situation worse. Entrapment in order to gain child support is a serious issue; one that, unfortunately, we see a lot. Sometimes people do wrong things for, what seems at the time, the right reasons. Extended family members may believe that they have the right to supplant a biological parent. While the “rights of individuals” are best left to the courts, DNA testing can help to clear up deceptions. It is unfortunate that we hear so many stories of people “being used” or “taken to the cleaners”. In these tough situations DNA testing can expose lies and clear consciences as well as win child custody and child support cases.”

““I’m married with two children, but am separated from my spouse. I’ve been paying child support for more than five years. Thanks to DNA Bioservices I was able to do a private DNA test on both of my children. I was so devastated when I got the Paternity Analysis Report that I thought I was going to die. The Paternity Analysis Report read that the probability of paternity was 0% for both of my children. I took this case to court and the Paternity Analysis Report served as evidence. It was proven in court that this DNA test Analysis was true. The court dismissed the child support and freed me of all responsibilities. Thanks again DNA Bioservices”
— Stephen Thomas”