MENZ Issues

Does Respect Deliver Dividends?

I have enjoyed watching MENZ recently become more positively oriented and a big drop in destructive criticism. I value this greatly, as the destructive fights that have occurred deter many knowledgeable people from taking part in debates and offering their experience.

Purely destructive fights also tend to devalue the material on this site, to casual readers. The destructive fights have often occurred between people, who are substantially in agreement, but will fight for mutual image annihilation, over trivial points and misunderstandings. A private EMAIL can defuse such potential disputes, rather than washing dirty linen in public.

What do people want, to move forward, or to destroy their own mates reputations?

I am not sure if this improvement is due to more active and stringent moderation, or to a lift in the spirits of people who contribute?

I don’t deny that a pressure cooker style steam release valve is valuable for many people. I have needed it many times.

However, if we hope to have a collective voice with a little public influence, then respect being given is a necessary foundation.

If we cannot help solve the other guy’s problem, then the other guy isn’t going to allow our problem to be solved.

I applaud Dave, Hans Laven, Scrap and the other creative, active contributors!

best regards, MurrayBacon.