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Pike River Mine Disaster

Although a minority of news reports use the term “men” to refer to the miners, I have not come across one discussion of men’s roles in maintaining the infrastructure of our privileged lifestyle, or the fact that men have always comprised very close to 100% of workplace deaths in NZ.

Today I sent the following note to the acting minister of Women’s Affairs:

Dear Mrs Te Heuheu

An article aired on National Radio Morning Report this morning stated as follows (your recorded voice comments are in quotes while the announcer’s comments are not):

…Mrs Te Heuheu says there is clear evidence that women are still being denied equality in the workplace both in pay rates and in the number appointed to senior management and governance roles.

“You have to work away at it, you have to provide good advocacy otherwise people will ignore you, and it’s the same principle as across Maori Affairs, Pacific Island Affairs, Ethnic Affairs and Women’s Affairs. Now, overall, over the last 20 years there have been improvements across all those but there’s still challenges, absolutely.”

Georgina Te Heuheu, the acting minister of women’s affairs…

I was wondering if your Ministry might organize a feminist outrage march outside the Pike River Mine with placards complaining that women’s income on average is 12% less than men’s for the jobs they do.

Yours faithfully

Hans Laven