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Was she even charged?

This woman turned a man’s life upside down with her false rape complaint. A truely hideoous crime in our society.

Predictably the news paper report critises the victim for being unwilling to face his tormentor. At no point are we even told that the criminal was even charged with anything let alone sentanced.

Then there is this case currently before the courts. What’s the bet she gets slaped with a wet bus ticket?
What sort of justice system is this?

Like all serious crimes it is an international problem. It is just much more common in western feminised countries where there are little if any consequences.

Where are all the feminists who claim feminism is about equality? Predictably slient.
Feminism is not about equality.

Falsely accused men have their lives ruined even after they are proven not guilty. Take Clint Rickards for example.

I digress.

This woman not only made a false complaint but also fabricated evidence to try to make it stick.

Flase rape claims are an increasing trend and they almost destroy men’s lives. They are also another good reason to join the marriage strike.

We need a special crime of making a knowingly false rape complaint. This is a serious crime. Until we get it – we must treat rape allegations with very serious sceptisim. According to one feminists own data, only 2% of rape complaints are proven. Clearly then the vast majority are false allegations. In fact rape statistics have become so politically twisted you can’t believe hardly any of them. We do know that at least 40% are false. That is far too high for a crime that ruins men’s lives. There must be a consequences for the accused. Talk about power and control!

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