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Womens Refuge defends violent murderer

From the Dompost :

A woman who fatally stabbed her partner in the chest with a kitchen knife has been sentenced to just eight years in jail.

Jacqueline Elaine Wihongi, 33, “self-medicated” with alcohol after a tragic “history of victimhood”, a court was told yesterday. She is believed to be just the second person to receive less than a life sentence for murder.

Wihongi was found guilty in June of murdering her partner of 17 years, Vivian Hirini. But in the High Court at Napier yesterday, Justice John Wild said it would be manifestly unjust to sentence the mother-of-six to life imprisonment.

Women’s Refuge has hailed the decision as “brave and right”, and the justice minister says there are no plans to review the law that allowed the sentence……

Police were often called to attend to their altercations, which were often physical. Mr Hirini had been stabbed by her previously and had lost an eye when she hit him with a bottle….

Crown lawyer Steve Manning said this was not a case of “battered woman syndrome” and Wihongi had directed significant violence toward Mr Hirini in the years leading up to the murder….

Women’s Refuge spokeswoman Kiri Hannifin praised the judge for considering the “appalling violence” Wihongi had suffered.

“Given the horrendous life she has led, we believe that it was valid to weigh up whether it would be manifestly unjust to impose the presumption of life and come to the conclusion it was not.

“It was brave and right to impose a finite sentence…

We keep on being bombarded with the “its not OK’ campaign that shows men beating women and children.

I say again – its not OK for a woman to be repeatedley violent to a man and get off in the justice system with a slap with a wet bus ticket!

Women’s Refuge clearly supports the position that domestic violence against men is OK and that it can be mitigated by women perpetrator playing the victim card.

This is a shocking sentence and this violent woman has been treated very differently than a man is in the same circumstances.

Either its not OK to be violent to your partner and justice is meted out equally or it is OK if you can play the victim.

Women’s Refuge -all I can say to you is Shame on you!