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Archive of April 2011

Surprise move cuts help to anti-violence groups

Thu 28th April 2011:

And so the shake up begins. Im sure many people are going to be watching this closely. The womans refuge are not happy and im sure others are going to come out of the woodwork. Little concerning this is being rushed through.

Please Recommend a Lawyer

Tue 26th April 2011:

Greetings. I am in my second long term relationship, with grown up children from my first marriage, but thankfully no children from my second as my current partner and I are now going through the process of separating. My partner has been to a lawyer, but I do not yet have one. I need to […]

Greg Meads and the Lacking-Sense Sentencing Trust

Mon 25th April 2011:

The Greg Meads murder case was previously discussed on MENZ. It became clear that anyone who attempted to discuss rationally issues around this case would be personally abused, including any discussion of the extent to which provocation should be taken into account at sentencing since it had been removed as a partial defence against a […]

Wananga system fails to vet social work students

Fri 22nd April 2011:

April 22, 2011, 7:10 am (From the NZPA) – Full article posted here (in case it gets pulled from Yahoo later). “Te Wananga o Aotearoa says a “human error” allowed a woman convicted of cruelty to a child to enrol in a social work degree. Kylie TeKani was taking classes at the Porirua campus towards […]

Abuse victim ends years of silence to fight for others

Wed 20th April 2011:

I would personally like to thank Netta Christian for having the guts to speak out at the state service. Nothing has really changed even after 73 years and I would hope that other stories like hers finally come out of the woodwork. People are starting to have a voice and im surprised such a story […]

Family Court shake-up ‘frightening’

There is so much in the news latterly about abuse on our kids and how the Government is meant to be helping with support. But then I read this morning in the online nzherald that The Family Court could be curtailed without compromising justice for vulnerable parties, such as children at risk of abuse or […]

When Women Kill Children

Sun 17th April 2011:

When women kill children, understanding galore She was a brave victim of a cold, mean world Struggling alone, a sole parent, abandoned (Though actually, probably, she grew bored with the manhood Ejected the father, erased his involvement What can you expect? Men are useful for money, Nothing else, they’re a hassle, not worth having honey […]

A Woman’s Victim Status Entitles Her to Break the Law?

Sat 16th April 2011:

The news story this week about ACC employee Dr Peter Jansen was fascinating. A disgruntled female ACC claimant (on the basis of alleged sexual abuse) wrote potentially defamatory things about Dr Jansen on a blog. Dr Jansen asked her to remove the comments and, when she refused to do so, commenced a defamation case against […]

In Praise of Men – North & South

Thu 14th April 2011:

For the second time this year I recommend people buy a copy of North & South magazine. Despite a number of comments from MENZ readers suggesting that the two writers displayed misandric tendencies, I reckon the latest issue confirms my view that North & South is by far the most effective publication in the country […]

Legal Aid Reform

Wed 13th April 2011:

YES!!! the government has listened to the people…. I say that because alot of what has been said about the legal aid reforms, is very similar to what I proposed in my submission to the Legal Aid Reforms. As mentioned here: The changes seem to be very good for those who can not receive […]

Silence on abuse may mean 10 years’ jail

Silence on abuse may mean 10 years’ jail

ECPAT, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Tue 12th April 2011:

ECPAT originally stood for “End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism” but the organization dropped that slogan and now ECPAT stands for “Preventing the Sexual Exploitation of Children”. It has grown from a New Zealand group to have support in many countries. Most of us would support the aim of protecting children, but the group is […]

EU signs Hauge convention on Child Tax

Fri 8th April 2011:

As predicted no where to escape to…… The European Union signed yesterday a new international convention making it harder for absentee parents to escape child support payments. The Hague Maintenance Convention agreement sets up ‘a worldwide system for recovering child support and other family maintenance payments’, also providing for free legal aid in international child […]

Domestic Violence Workshop Assumes Only Women Victims

Thu 7th April 2011:

Ms Ricky Hunter is offering workshops for those working in the domestic violence industry. Her attached flyer starts out describing domestic violence and her workshop in gender neutral terms but goes on to describe the “major workshop topics” as follows: Intimate partner abuse/ intimate partner sexual violence”¦ what’s the difference? Long term health outcomes for […]

Significant Support for Independent Watchdog for CYF

Wed 6th April 2011:

MEDIA RELEASE 29 March 2011 Significant Support for Independent Watchdog for CYF A poll has found significant support for an independent watchdog for Child Youth and Family (CYF), and Family First NZ believes that politicians will know from anecdotal evidence that a watchdog is warranted. In the poll of 1,000 people undertaken by Curia Market […]

Recent Notable News Articles

Sun 3rd April 2011:

Not a week goes by without numerous examples of institutional sexism against men, misandrist beliefs expressed and/or demonstrated by powerful people and journalists, or chivalry and special treatment towards women. So what’s the problem? Should we complain? Some feminists, like Cate J who recently visited us with trickery and lies, genuinely believe that men have […]

Male Heroes

Sat 2nd April 2011:

New Zealand Bravery Awards were announced yesterday, with media attention generally to individual stories behind the awards. What no journalist has thought worth mentioning, of course, is that 94% of those heroes were men. Two women out of 31 recipients received awards, both acting in conjunction with men. Thanks to our brave men! Here is […]

Wanted – men to work with fathers

Fri 1st April 2011:

We have found a number of gaps in the community sector and we’ve got the opportunity to not only put these concerns forward, but put forward groups who can fill these areas to CYF and soon government for funding. We have been told if we can fill the gap (a number of groups) it will […]

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