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Archive of June 2011

Pro-female IRD

Tue 28th June 2011:

Mum tells IRD that children are in her care to avoid Child support payments. Father is on DPB after loosing business during recession. Children are actually in shared care. IRD takes word of mum and deducts child support from dad’s DPB. Mum tells IRD that dad is a fraud and works under the table. IRD […]

Institutionalised Sexism

Fri 24th June 2011:

Employers association Chief Alasdair Thompson is obviously not very savvy in media matters, however I have been amused how the media have sensationalised the matter yet seldom comment on the continual matter of institutionalised sexism within the family court and its interpretation of family law. Few media ever report, or have probably never sat in […]

A day in the NZ courts.

Wed 22nd June 2011:

Bar worker Jodi McGregor, 24, was furious when her boyfriend – to whom she was pregnant – confessed he’d had sex with her friend. McGregor, of New Plymouth, invited the friend to her home for a party on February 12, got another woman to pin her down by holding her hair, and laid into her […]

Does John Key think like David Cameron?

Mon 20th June 2011:

PM must act, not rant, over single parents by Martin Fricker, Daily Mirror 20/06/2011 DAVID Cameron hit out at fathers who run out on their children yesterday and said absent dads deserve to be shamed in the same way as drink drivers.………… Mr Cameron said: “It’s high time runaway dads were stigmatised and the full […]

Child Support – Help

Thu 16th June 2011:

Hi can someone help? My husbands ex wife has successfully applied for an admin review which we filed a cross application. The son attends private school and about a year ago she unilaterally put him into boarding saying she would meet the costs. She lives less than 9km from the school. The review officer ignored […]

UK Child Support Changes

Tue 14th June 2011:

Now life for non-resident parents is, potentially, about to get worse. In recent years, the level of a non-resident parent’s income being payable for maintenance was calculated on the following basis: 15 per cent for one child, 20 for two children and 25 for three or more children. Now, under a phased introduction, the proportions […]

Guilty untill proven innocent

WASHINGTON, June 13, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — “”¦ This is to our President. President Obama remarks often “¦ It’s “¦ been two Father’s Day years in a row where he admonished fathers, especially African American fathers, to step up to the plate. Well, I’m an ex-baseball player; almost went pro years ago”¦ so my analogy is: […]

Parental Conflict – Alienating a Child

Sat 11th June 2011:

Auckland Family Court judge Margaret Rogers said more than 1000 pages of evidence had been filed with the court. “At this point in [the child’s] life, [its] future should lie ahead of [it] full of promise and potential. But I fear for [the child] and for [its] future,” she said in a decision issued last […]

The Propaganda Never Ends

Here’s some insight into what is being taught to young women in schools etc about domestic violence, and below is my reply to the newspaper and to Ms Kearns. This article, while containing some potentially useful content, is mainly feminist propaganda that will harm relationships, wreck families and children’s lives and increase the risk of […]

The feminist Trojan horse in Family Law

Fri 10th June 2011:

Queensland MP George Christensen recently spoke to the Australian Federal House in opposition to plans intended to undo Family Law reforms put in place by the Howard government in 2006. I have never heard a politician so clearly expose the feminist, anti-father agenda. Why don’t we have anyone like this in NZ? But justice and […]

Evidence Based Practice – Gluckman

Thu 9th June 2011:

Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, John Key’s chief science advisor has called for better development of teenagers. Prime Ministers Science Advisory Committee He also made another release, which in the longer run is far more important. Evidence and policy formation He also called for looking for evidence, before instituting new social policies and also when evaluating […]

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