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Archive of July 2011

NJ Child Support ‘Sweep’ Grosses $196 per Debtor – 1.1% of What’s Owed

Sun 31st July 2011:

July 28th, 2011 by Robert Franklin, Esq. From Fathers and Families New Jersey’s semi-annual sweep of child support debtors grossed 1.1% of what’s owed. Here’s a short article about it (, 7/23/11). The Garden State does this twice a year. Sheriff’s deputies fan out across the state arresting the major child support debtors. Slapped in […]

UK Govt warns fathers about child abduction risk

Tue 26th July 2011:

UK Government warns fathers about child abduction risk The UK Government is honestly warning UK fathers to watch out for any warning signs that the mother of their children might abduct them. Traditionally, the FINGER was publicly pointed at fathers, despite years of statistical data showing mothers were the culprits in the majority of cases!!…… […]

One in three campaign – male victims of domestic violence

Wed 6th July 2011:

Over the weekend I was sent a link to an interesting Australian podcast titled: ‘Meeting the needs of male victims of domestic and family violence’. The website the podcast is hosted on turned out to be home to the the One in Three Campaign. As we tried to publisise back in 1999, one in three […]

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