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6 Year Old Boy on felony sex charges

My initial reaction to this headline was to burst out laughing; and then I read the article. Whilst not in New Zealand, with globalization and “trickle down” effects; it could well be a sign of things to come. Just to set the scene; here’s a brief extract:

I can’t imagine six-year-olds get a lot of mail. Why would they need to? And in addition to the danger of being hit by a moving vehicle, they aren’t even tall enough to retrieve it from the box. However, a young boy in Grant County recently got some interesting mail when he received an official summons by Grant County District Attorney Lisa Riniker, bringing a first-degree sexual assault charge against him after he played ‘doctor’ with two five-year-old friends.

More of the disgusting details here –
The Badger Herald: 6-year-old’s felony charges overzealous

I wasn’t sure which category I should add this to – but given that 6 year old boys can now be up on felony sex charges, I suspect gender politics is appropriate!