MENZ Issues

A day in the NZ courts.

Bar worker Jodi McGregor, 24, was furious when her boyfriend – to whom she was pregnant – confessed he’d had sex with her friend. McGregor, of New Plymouth, invited the friend to her home for a party on February 12, got another woman to pin her down by holding her hair, and laid into her with her fists.

An 8-year-old girl was unflappable under cross-examination in the Invercargill District Court yesterday as she gave evidence of cruelty at the hands of her grandmother.

Rebecca Scandi Hughes, 17, was sentenced last year to 12 months’ jail with special release conditions, which include psychological counselling, for assaulting the same child on March 1, and assaulting her with a weapon, namely a coal shovel, between March 5 and 12.

A woman has driven into a shop window in Petone, near Wellington, crushing an employee on the way, police said.