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A Personal Experience of Police Sexism

I attended a protest on Friday in Auckland outside the Family Court, in the hope that it would encourage people to make submissions for the current government review of the Family Court. This review is a very rare opportunity to encourage change.

When I arrived at the protest I met another protester there for the first time in person. I made it clear to him what I thought of his unnecessary and dishonest attacks against me here on MENZ previously. He must not have liked the honest feedback and suddenly he physically assaulted me, ripping my shirt and attempting to punch me. I was not prepared to descend to his thuggery so I moved away from him and called the police about his assault. I made it clear to the police that the assault was not very serious because I took evasive action, and that I would feel resolved about the situation if a warning were issued to the violent party. The police interviewed him and me and refused to do anything further, apparently viewing the offender’s violence as ok and just arising out of conflict between us. They instructed me to keep away from the violent offender, and they were behaving as if, without actually saying it, they were issuing me with a warning too for, well, I’m not sure what for.

In my opinion the attitude and decisions taken by the police were simply another example of sexism. If it had been a woman with ripped clothing complaining that a man had assaulted her because he didn’t like what she had said to him, you can bet the police would have wanted to charge the man and they would have treated the woman sensitively as a victim albeit of rather ineffective violence. If the assaulted female in exactly the same circumstances indicated (as I did) that she would not press charges, the police would probably have told the offender to leave the situation at least. But because I was a male, the violence against me was seen as ok and I was issued with a police direction as if I was also an offender.

The violent thug was of course Jim Bailey, showing his true colours.