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Crown Prosecutor Tries to Avoid Conviction for Theft

The New Zealand Herald has continued its habit of White Knight chivalry by refusing to name the female Crown Prosecutor who was caught deliberately stealing almost $200 worth of groceries by putting them in her own bag, covering them up, then paying for just $11 worth of items that she placed in the supermarket basket. The woman is now trying to get a discharge without conviction by blaming her thievery on an eating disorder. Mmm, maybe I can steal my neighbour’s car and blame this on petrol-head syndrome. The Herald mentioned that she was “seeking help for personal and medical issues” and this apparently was enough to protect her from public exposure. Mmm, I could address my petrol-head syndrome by copious administration of medicine at the local pub; so can I go now your honour?

This thief’s excuse is no more meritorious than that of someone with a gambling disorder that they feed by stealing money.

Does anyone know who this thief is? She is a lawyer highly paid by our hard-earned taxes, and you can bet she earns enough to supply the needs of any known eating disorder. I have never seen a case in which the Herald withheld the name of any male offender in the absence of Court name-suppression, and I really object that this thief should be accorded that advantage apparently simply because of her gender. Let’s expose her. If anyone reading this ever finds themselves in Court being prosecuted by her, you deserve to know the background of the person pointing the finger. Some letters to the editor and demonstrators outside the Court calling for equal justice to all would also be welcome.