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Institutionalised Sexism

Employers association Chief Alasdair Thompson is obviously not very savvy in media matters, however I have been amused how the media have sensationalised the matter yet seldom comment on the continual matter of institutionalised sexism within the family court and its interpretation of family law.

Few media ever report, or have probably never sat in the family court, where a father is attempting to gain equal access to his children or to stop his child’s mother from relocating to another town with the child.

Two displays of sexism at work in society scream out for publication on the front page of print and the lead story in electronic media:

1. Fathers required to prove they are capable (defined by a judge) of looking after children before being given equal shared care.

2. Fathers having their children relocated to another town because a judge decides it’s in the best interests of the child, i.e. Dad does not have the same status as mum so kids wont really miss him after a short time.

These examples are based on sexism and therfore supply the children involved a comprehensive message as to which parent they should respect and model themselves upon.

Telling females that their monthly bodily functions may be affecting their ability to be equal in work output, and thereby diminishing their total pay scale, seems insignificant in comparison. However, it is an easy story to beat up and takes bugger all effort to do any research on!!