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Mum was found breastfeeding her baby while high on P

I don’t know why anyone would be shocked by this.

We spend over $1.7 billion dollars on the DPB which we know leads to these outcomes. Why all of a sudden pretend to be shocked?

A Hamilton mum was found breastfeeding her baby while high on P during a Waikato drug operation, shocking veteran detectives.

Waikato police acting district crime services manager, Detective Inspector Chris Page, said the woman appeared oblivious to the risk to her baby.

Children were found in nearly 20 per cent of homes raided by police during the month-long methamphetamine operation, dubbed Operation Share.

Mr Page said the breastfeeding incident was a first for his 27-year policing career.

“I think members of the community will be shocked by this, and it reinforces for us how important it is to continue to target and work on the methamphetamine trade and industry,” he said.