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One in three campaign – male victims of domestic violence

Over the weekend I was sent a link to an interesting Australian podcast titled: ‘Meeting the needs of male victims of domestic and family violence’.

The website the podcast is hosted on turned out to be home to the the One in Three Campaign.

As we tried to publisise back in 1999, one in three victims of family violence and abuse is male.

The One in Three Campaign says:

reducing family violence against women and children has been firmly on the agendas of government for many years. Now is the time to move to the next, more sophisticated stage of tackling the problem: recognising men as victims as well.

The resources page lists a number of Australian agencies which offer support to abused men. There are also links to organisationes in the UK, Canada, USA and Europe. Nothing for NZ though.

I have to say I was concerned to see Courage to Heal listed as recommended reading, with the comment: “while this book is written by women for women and does not specifically address men’s issues, it nevertheless is an excellent book about recovery”. The misinformation in Courage to Heal produced thousands iatrogenic victims around the world, mostly elderly men and their adult daughters. Searching MENZ will result in numerous mentions.

In spite of this one ‘red flag’, the One in Three Campaign is an excellent initiative, and there is a huge amount of good information on the site. There is also a useful misinformation page, where misleading ‘statistics’ used publicly by agencies and individuals are corrected.