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Read Witness for the Defence – North & South

If you missed out on reading the February 2011 North & South article about my wife Dr Felicity Goodyear-Smith, here are the scanned pages – re-published with permission from APC Media. North & South website

I apologise for the scanned images – it’s too much work to OCR the text. Warning: each image is around 500KB.

First, the editorial by Virginia Lawson titled Sex Appeal:

Feb 2011 Nth & Sth Editorial

Some MENZ readers may fancy joining one of the rabid men’s groups she mentions; please leave joining details in the comments below.

She also simply states: “Most of those who end up in court on sexual abuse charges are guilty”, without acknowledging that many people would dispute that ‘fact’.

Those two discordant notes aside, Lawson raises many worthwhile points. I found this comment is particularly perceptive:

“But assigning some greater weight of suffering to their victims than those of any other nasty assaults I suspect is as much about us – the reporters and news consumers – being able to proclaim sympathy and moral outrage while at the same time lapping up the salacious details of sex crimes.”

Then the nine page article – not the best photo of me but such is life.

The photo on page four of our family in 1972 was originally published in the Listener. It’s totally posed – their photographer wanted something to illustrate an article about encounter groups and this was the result. Little sister really doesn’t want to be there, and is actually squeezing my cheek hard and painfully so that I’ll dong her and the situation will be successfully sabotaged and it will be my fault…

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Page 9

And finally, two pages of letters from the February issue. The letter from Michael Gibson is basically a re-hash of the smear campaign promoted by ACC counsellors last year, except that he goes a step further, suggesting people should be “looking at her professional associates from Auckland University’s Medical School”.

Letters 1

Letters 2