MENZ Issues

Sharing Experiences With Younger Folk

I am assembling a directory of commercial films, which contain issues that are presented well enough, to offer training and perhaps teach skills. I am asking for a few people to also watch these DVDs and to confirm that they do present these issues well enough, to be usefull to others. In some cases, they contain a mixture of useful and perhaps some inaccuracies, which need to be identified, so that they do not cause problems.

I am also helping a few people (myself among them), to make their experiences with separation available to younger people, who need to know how NZ actually works. This is aimed at helping people to negotiate their separations, at lowest cost, financially and relationship-wise.

Request for help:

People willing to put in a some time watching and discussing the DVDs, please call me on (09) 638 7275 or E MAIL murray_bacon @ clear .

People willing to help with filming and paperwork, for peoples stories, please also phone me on (09) 6387275. In particular, people with WORD and POWERPOINT skills would be very helpful.

Thanks, MurrayBacon.