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The Propaganda Never Ends

Here’s some insight into what is being taught to young women in schools etc about domestic violence, and below is my reply to the newspaper and to Ms Kearns.

This article, while containing some potentially useful content, is mainly feminist propaganda that will harm relationships, wreck families and children’s lives and increase the risk of partner conflict and violence. Gender terms for abuser and victim, as if only men ever commit domestic violence, are propaganda. It was unbalanced to refer only to unexplained statistics claiming violence toward females without mentioning that violence toward male partners is just as frequent. Further, it’s ridiculous to suggest that a man is likely to be violent if he asks for any of his preferences to be met, wants her to reply to his communications and/or to pick him up on time as arranged, and such advice will only encourage unrealistic expectations that safe males should passively accept any treatment from women without complaint. Also, it was misleading to confuse relationship conflict and domestic violence generally with the unusual Weatherston case that involved serious personality disorder. Violent reactions come from both genders and usually arise from bilateral relationship conflict, and until we understand this we will continue to fail in reducing domestic violence.