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Woman’s Refuge for Men

I’ve never quite understood why attempts to open a men’s refuge in Auckland a few years ago ran into so much official opposition.

It’s never made sense that the taxpayers pump millions of dollars a year into providing temporary accomodation for women victims of domestic violence when overwhelmingly it is men who get removed from the family home if the Police are called out.

Male vicitims of domestic violence often end up sleeping in cars, or if they are lucky on a mate’s couch.

Stuff has just published a possible explanation for the fierce resistance to allowing a male-run refuge to get off the ground: Temporary ‘refuge’ for male offenders

Christchurch Women’s Refuge has announced plans to establish the country’s first temporary residential accommodation service for men responsible for family violence. The service will also cater for men who the police consider likely to assault family members….

Refuge chief executive Nicola Woodward said the agency believed the safest place for women and children should be their own homes.

“We want to create an environment that, first and foremost, encourages men to make that decision to change themselves.

I’ll be very interested in hearing from any abused men who get to experience this “environment” created by Woman’s Refuge workers designed to convince them that their relationship problems are all their fault, and that they must reconstruct their masculinity into a politically acceptable form.

I wonder what kind of training the managers of these refuges will have. Will watching movie ‘Clockwork Orange’ give one the necessary experience?