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Archive of February 2012

Replacing familycaught$

Tue 28th February 2012:

Submission regarding Open Marketplace Conversion of Family Court Review Questions Public Interest v Personal Matters – what role the Family Court should have in private family disputes; Generally the law should make clear the limits and people should be able to negotiate freely within those limits, without needing intervention from courts. Disputes relating to facts […]

Media release: Positive Men grateful TradeMe cancels choking husband toy auction

Positive Men is grateful TradeMe has removed from its site an item that trivialises and makes fun of domestic violence. The “choking husband toy’ caused considerable outrage in the community, and Positive Men yesterday called upon TradeMe to immediately stop the auction of this offensive item.

Media release: Positive Men outraged at TradeMe auction trivialising domestic violence

Mon 27th February 2012:

Positive Men has expressed outrage that TradeMe is selling an item that trivialises and makes fun of domestic violence. The item is a “choking husband toy’. The seller says, “This is a toy that you will get a kick out of and it really helps if you angry with your partner or husband. You press […]

Investigating Judicial Complaints around World

Thu 23rd February 2012:

DownUnder gave examples of unsatisfactory and illegal performance by familycaught “judges”, so I though that a brief international comparison would help to understand this issue: NZ California The Constitution authorizes the Commission to continue proceedings after a judge retires or resigns UK Annual Report UK USA seems to be proactively addressing these issues. UK is […]

Joanna Moss suggests familycaught reforms

Tue 21st February 2012: SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2012 Joanna Moss: How A Financial Crisis Might Turn Into Much Needed Reforms Labels: Family Court, family policy, Joanna Moss The financial blow-out in the Family Court could be a blessing in disguise if the crisis is put to good use in terms of understanding the wider system and bringing in […]

Accountability Delayed

Wed 15th February 2012:

The New Zealand Herald carried an article about 16 year jail sentences given to two executives, as a result of 3000 asbestos related deaths of workers and neighbours of the factory. Note that the executives didn’t bother to attend the trial and I guess might not care to attend the jail either?

Donation of Sperm as Seen by the Egg

Tue 14th February 2012:

Putting oneself into the position of another, is a challenge. Especially when the viewpoint is of children or babies, who are not well placed to verbalise their needs or desires. Joanna Rose has written about Donor Insemnation, from the viewpoint of the child and says that insufficient consideration is given to this viewpoint, in our […]

Mothers Daycare and Child Wellbeing

Thu 9th February 2012:

Family First lobby group have published a book about the consequences on children, of the use of daycare. This has aroused considerable response, from groups who feel that it criticises choices that they have made, in particular working women. Who Cares Mothers Daycare and Child Wellbeing in NZ

Family Court Protest at Parliament

Wed 8th February 2012:

For those in Wellington or who can make it there on Friday, a few of us will be setting up the Ministry of Men’s Affairs in parliament grounds and raising awarenss of the Family Court review and mens/fathers’ issues around this. We hope to speak to a few relevent big wigs and perhaps a radio […]

An Open Letter to the Health Sponsorship Council

Tue 7th February 2012:

Dear Health Sponsorship Council Positive Men has been established to promote the use of positive imagery of men and masculinity in the media in Aotearoa New Zealand. For far too long men have been demonised and portrayed as abusers. A rare positive portrayal was going to occur when All Black Piri Weepu was going to […]

DV Act impact on childraising

Sat 4th February 2012:

Previously Scrap and I and several others considered the impact of DV Act onto saving the lives of women and children and came to the evaluation that it had negligible net positive impact. Quantitative Full analysis in submission Another issue raised in wider discussion, how many fathers give up on parenting their children and leave […]

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