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Archive of March 2012

Pussy Pass for Emily Toner

Fri 30th March 2012:

Well folks, who can guess what happened in the case of Emily Toner, the crown prosecutor who nipped out from Court to visit the supermarket where she deliberately concealed and stole $199 worth of groceries, and on this occasion was caught? Yep, you guessed it, DISCHARGE WITHOUT CONVICTION! It’s reassuring to know that our legal […]

Pets as Pawns in Patriarchal Power and Pontrol

Thu 29th March 2012:

FYI, my letter to Radio NZ: Dear Radio NZ Regarding your story yesterday (Wednesday 28 March) on the ‘study’ about Pets as Pawns in domestic violence, I considered nominating Radio NZ for the Skeptics ‘Bent Spoon’ award for gullible, uncritical acceptance and reporting of dubious claims.

Parents Who Have Successfully Fought Parental Alienation Syndrome

Mon 26th March 2012:

Dr. Jayne Major’s article gives many useful ideas. The comments it makes about caught$ are probably somewhat unrealistic to hope for in NZ, as many “judges” in NZ, are too slow to deliver much useful action….. Parents Who Have Successfully Fought Parental Alienation Syndrome by Jayne A. Major, Ph.D. Nothing stirs up passions more than […]

Perspective on Conflict of Interests

Thu 22nd March 2012:

Conflict of Interest can be a touchy subject, but it is very important that we keep in mind the consequences, or potential consequences. Resignation Announced NICK SMITH: “I have made not one error of judgement but two in dealing with a conflict of interest.” Embattled MP Nick Smith has resigned all of his Cabinet portfolios. […]

Whats happening with the proposed changes to Child Support

Wed 21st March 2012:

From the Hearld Online About three years ago the Government began a review of child support legislation, with all sides of the debate agreeing that the law is unfair, inflexible and causing many families serious harm. Last year a bill emerged, but there seems little enthusiasm to make progress and it is in 49th place […]

Separated or Together Parenting

John Potter made the following comment: It seems to me that the dynamics of parenting as a couple are quite different to how it is if you are solo. It’s not clear to me how well PPP addresses this issue. John has made the distinction between solo and separated. Another very important comparison, is […]

15 year old Hamilton false rape claim

Tue 20th March 2012: The alleged abduction and sexual assault of a Hamilton schoolgirl was a false complaint, police say. The 15-year-old girl told police she had been forced into a car and raped while walking home from school on Durham St, Nawton on February 27. Detective sergeant Robbie Hermann of the Waikato CIB said investigators re-interviewed the […]

Mum punches cyfs worker

Sun 18th March 2012:

Taken from the “Stuff / Dominion Post” web site – 15 March 2012. “Pasted” in full here due to Stuff’s propensity to clean out the annuls of history. Just to maintain a bit of balance; it’s not only dispossessed dads that get upset with the state grannies at cyfs. Seems cyfs can rile up mums […]

Triple P Parenting or PET

Wed 14th March 2012:

Parenting training is often seen as an insult. This is unfortunate, as parenting skills are vitally important to the welfare of our children. Good parenting skills would also help negotiating skills, which alas may also be useful in making the best from being forced to separate. Parenting skills help with negotiating, which can also help […]

The pernicous feminst ideology is the ruling ideology.

Mon 5th March 2012:

The NZ Herald has published an article on the best places to be a woman since it is/was 101st International Women’s Day. Note: 18) Best place to leave your husband: Guam

Sureal double standard

I find this story rather sureal. The situation seems to be that a family traveled willingly to another country. It is implied that the father then decided to stay in that country with his children and with the mother if she wishes. The mother was always free to leave at any time. The father has […]

Where are help centres for male domestic violence victims?

Fri 2nd March 2012:

On Tuesday, TVNZ ONE News screened an item: Male domestic violence victims speak out.

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