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Bigamy should be legal

Either a marriage contract in New Zealand should be overhaulled to require man and wife to committ to each other or else Bigamy should be legal. We can’t have the current situation which is hypocracy.

New Zealand marriage laws make no sence unless you view it as a contract to extract money from men and give it to women.
Under New Zealand law there is nothing romantic or lasting about marriage. There little to no actual committment except foe the higher income earner. This is usually the man. The marriage contract committs him to many years of massive fiscal responsibility. The other party to the contract hold little if any risk. This is usually the woman.

In 75%-85% of cases the woman will terminate the contract and in return she will receive a very large payout. Usually much higher than she would have been able to achieve had she never been married.

There is no crime or punishment for a woman to cheat on her husband. In theory this applies to men as well. He most likely has assets and income at risk but there is no crime and in theory no punishment if he cheats on his wife. In fact marriage laws have been designed to allow for a misstress to be part of the contract.

Make no mistake this contract is there only to determine how much of the assests can be taken from the man and given to the woman. It does not matter if she was having sex with another man the entire duration of the marriage.

Therefore why is it that Bigamy is illegal?
A man or a woman can live with another lover during their marriage. This is no crime at all. It happens very often.
Why is Bigamy illegal?

Under NZ law Bigamy is fraud and it is punishable by up to 7 years in jail.

Why is sleeping with another lover while you are married no crime at all yet Bigamy could see you locked up for 7 years?
You could kill someone in New Zealand and serve less time in jail than a Bigamist.

Let me tell you why it is illegal in New Zealand.
It has zero to do with morals.
It has everything to do with finacial contracts.
If a man marries a woman and she sleeps around. The wife can leave him and take more than half of what he has and more than a quarter what he earns in the future.
If a man marries a woman and she sleeps around. Then the wife divorces him and claims half of all he has, but she discovers that her husband is also married to someone else then woman #1 has a conflict of cliam with woman #2. The more money woman #1 takes the less that woman #2 can take.
The whole reason bigamy is illegal is because it creates a conflict over who can take than man’s assests and future income.

An Auckland man has claimed Bigamy:

His first wife seperated from him and moved to Australia with their kids. (no obligations under marriage for her). Rather than wait 2 years he got married again. (up to 7 years jail for him).