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Boshier’s Last Salvo

Principal Family Court Judge Boshier has made what is described as his last speech in the role. Guess where? Yep, at the Women’s Refuge annual conference. Radio NZ has today been pushing his call in that speech to make domestic violence a separate criminal offence. Various feminist sympathizers have agreed but the only real advantage they point to is to ensure better statistics about such violence. I think those statistics already exist, and it would be much more useful to gather data to highlight the amount of false allegation and suicide (for each gender) in Boshier’s Court.

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1 November 2012


Men’s Affairs Group Criticizes Judge Boshier

Community group The Ministry of Men’s Affairs expressed concern today about the extent to which Principal Family Court Judge Peter Boshier had sided with feminist groups during his tenure. Spokesperson Kerry Bevin claimed that Judge Boshier’s frequent involvement with feminist groups had encouraged the Family Court to take his lead in favouring female litigants and prioritizing women’s concerns much more than issues affecting men and children.

Judge Boshier’s final speech in his role was at a conference of Women’s Refuge, described by Kerry Bevin as “an organisation that encourages women to blame almost any relationship dissatisfaction they might experience on male partners and to trash their children’s family units on that basis.” In contrast, Bevin said that Judge Boshier has simply refused to meet with fathers’ groups or men’s representatives throughout his tenure.

“Boshier’s call to make domestic violence a separate criminal offence seems difficult to understand because such violence is already a criminal offence, but it sure plays into the hands of anti-family and anti-male groups. He could have used his last speech to try to impact positively on our society by, for example, calling for initiatives to keep families together, to reduce the high suicide rate among those who go through Family Court especially fathers, or to reduce the huge problem of false accusations that are made in his Court and that unnecessarily damage relationships between children and their fathers.”

Kerry Bevin claimed that most men who had endured Family Court proceedings would be glad to see the end of Judge Boshier, and hoped that his replacement would show gender neutrality and more concern for children’s welfare.