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DV Act impact on childraising

Previously Scrap and I and several others considered the impact of DV Act onto saving the lives of women and children and came to the evaluation that it had negligible net positive impact.
Full analysis in submission

Another issue raised in wider discussion, how many fathers give up on parenting their children and leave NZ, as a result of harassment they have received under the DV Act?

Anecdotally, I know of a small number through the years personally, so I might hazard a guess that each year, about 200 men leave NZ with the intention to never return and to give up on being an active parent for their children. This leaves a large number of children in their wake. (A smaller number suicide, in the end the effective outcome for the children is much the same, probably somewhat worse.)

Although this possibility was very briefly discussed in Parliament, during the debate about DV Act, it was generally dismissed as not being an issue that Parliament needed to be concerned about. [sir] douglas graham, then Minister of Justice and supporter of the bill (more lately a lame director of a failed and fraudulent finance company) suggested that familycaught judges would miraculously not create problems such as this. (I don’t think that sir douglas graham has been jailed yet. I believe that he is the first ex-Minister of Crown to be charged with large scale financial fraud. As Sir Robert David Mulgoon said, any publicity is good publicity for a politician!)

What do these perjurous mothers tell their children, about the departed fathers?
Lies damage children severely, so why create opportunities to bring up children in a web of lies?

As I see it, leaving a few hundred additional children effectively fatherless each year doesn’t contribute to the best possible parenting of these children. The sudden loss of the father and the leaving the children in the care of the parent, who drove the father out of NZ, seems to me a recipe for a fairly disastrous upbringing.

What are the longer term outcomes, for children whose fathers have quit NZ after harassment and perjury in familycaught?
What are we saying to these children about life?
What are the longer term outcomes for the women who have used perjury under DV Act?
(In particular, what has it done for their longer term satisfaction, happiness, relationships and lifestyle?

I believe that children in this situation probably have slightly higher suicide rates, than children with two parents available.
Similarly, their social adjustment is likely to be poorer, leading to more crime, fraud, deceit, unhappiness generally.

Looked at in another way – is it better for a child to be sexually abused, or lose your father to DV Act harassment abuse?
(If the latter, then the former is also a little more likely as well…)

I know that another similar driver, for driving a few men out of NZ, is the Child [and Spousal] Support Act. Thus these two acts work together for the same perverse effect.

Apart from the fathers [and I expect there may be a few mothers too?] driven out of NZ, these social and financial pressures also degrade what Non Custodial Parents can do for their children. In particular, by forcing NCPs to have a lower standard of accommodation and generally lifestyle too, when seen from the children’s perspective, it creates an image of a successful CP mother and an unsuccessful NCP father. Are we deliberately misleading our children about life? Why?

If looked at in terms of lifetime earnings or tax paid, then the evaluation of the parents might be quite the opposite. However, our children don’t have ready access to this information. Incidentally, lifetime earnings also has a moderate correlation to the parent’s mental health and thus also to parenting skills too………

What do these perjurous mothers tell their children, about the departed fathers?
Lies damage children severely, so why create opportunities to bring up children in a web of lies?

Bit scary when you put these issues together……
What was Parliament thinking? I don’t think it was thinking carefully at all. These legislations were passed after abbreviated investigation by SubCommittees and passed quickly under pressure from Party Leaders.
Poor quality legislation can have a massive social cost, even if it feeds legal-workers well.
I wonder about sir douglas graham’s childhood?
How many of these driven out fathers ever return?
How much tax is lost to Government, by driving out taxpaying parents and keeping only the beneficiaries?
Are all NZers socially and financially suicidal? as judged by their original self-defeating low quality legislation.

When I get too stressed, trying to think about these issues, I just go back to reading Alice in Wonderland.
It doesn’t feel as safe as it used to, after Dr. Rob Moodie changed his name to Miss Alice, just before attending a High Court appeal……

Help, get me out of this. Stop the World, I want to get off….
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