MENZ Issues


The gay marriage debate is interesting. It is very narrow and fails to point out the negative implications for already marginalised fathers. Most men on this site, like myself, would have been in a marriage with the intention of it, being a state institution, giving them superior rights for access to their children, in case of a marriage break-up, to fulfill their fatherly duty. To our shock and horror we found that in reality we had little in the way of any rights. It appears that being married or not, a father’s importance to his off-spring exists only in the financial sense. Married or not, after 3 yrs of cohabitation he can lose half or more of all of his life’s savings. If he does follow the law and get a prenuptial (contracting out agreement) then every assistance is give to the his partner in order to smash it or blackmail him into paying out a large sum regardless. Marriage holds no magic anymore, certainly not for fathers. It was an institution geared for the security for children, nothing more nothing less.

Are gay people wanting marriage quite fucking MAD??? No, I don’t think so. I think this campaign is about politics, driven more by heterosexual wankers than gays.

If you want to bring about a more powerfully definition of marriage have a look at this site They may not stand for everything you want but they sure as hell will do more for you than the other bunch.