MENZ Issues

Ministry of Men’s Affairs opens, briefly, on Parliament Grounds

Last Friday 31 August a few committed people set up the Ministry of Men’s Affairs on parliament grounds after protesting near the Family Court, because successive governments have failed to address men’s issues or to seek true gender equality. We set up a good public address system, gave speeches, sang songs and tried to make the issues clear.

TV3 attended and did extensive filming and interviewing. However, the article was never screened because so few attended and it was deemed to be a non-event.

I guess men deserve what they get from our government. Men will deserve the new Family Court as is proposed by Judith Collins who plans to tinker with it simply to save money. Men will deserve the huge increase in false allegations that will almost certainly result because such allegations will be the only way to get free attention from the Family Court; absolutely zilch is proposed to deter false accusers or to prosecute them more often for perjury. Men will deserve the ongoing favourtism towards women because Ms Collins has in no way recognized the Court’s sexism or proposed any restriction on it. Men will deserve the longer prison sentences they will receive when they breach unnecessary protection orders by attempting to express their love for their children in any way, because Ms Collins proposes nothing to reduce the use of protection orders or their inherent foolishness, injustice and child abuse. Men will deserve ongoing exploitation from the Family Court as it continues to order spousal maintenance to keep the women who abandoned them in the style they have grown accustomed to. Men will deserve the Family Court’s ongoing rubber stamping of CYFS child abductions, removal of children by mothers far away from fathers, and vicious so-called ‘child support’ regimes set by Administrative Review officers.

Never mind, we did it and that’s all we can say. We can only be responsible for what we do, not for what others do or don’t do.

We also announced the Black Ribbon Campaign. We plan to run it every spring for three months up to the date of White Ribbon Day. “Show you care about men” is the motto because men need caring more than ever before in our lifetimes. We thank a number of people for very generous donations to the campaign and we invite others to donate $5 or more, whereupon if they provide us with a mailing address we will send a ribbon and pamphlet outlining men’s need for caring. I am working on getting button badges as well. Unfortunately, we are likely always to be working on a shoestring compared with the White Ribbon Day sexism perpetrated by the Families Commission with about $50G from the government and all government departments urged to display their anti-male hate posters. The Black Ribbon Campaign may well turn out to be as spectactularly thinly supported as the opening of the Ministry of Men’s Affairs was (though we deeply thank those few who did turn up in support). That is, unless people get behind it and spread the Black Ribbon Campaign around their own communities.