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Owen Glenn is wasting his money

Independent enquiry!!! was the subject of the email I recieved yesterday, noting that Owen Glenn is launching an inquiry into domestic violence and with the comment that this could be a chance for men’s concerns to be heard.

I have a lot of respect for Mr Glenn; I have attended a number of events at the Auckland University building named after him, and and always admired his generosity in supporting the our community. So at first, I allowed myself a small burst of excitement, before the cynical side of me kicked in and I began to investigate further.

I wondered “independent from what?” Having read more, my guess is that this actually just means independant from National Party policy.

While Dame Cath Tizzard is lending her name to the project to give it public credibility, I have no doubt that the real work will be done by Ruth Herbert, who has been named as “leader” of the 3-4 person panel.

Herbert is an industry insider, having previously been family violence programme director for the Social Development Ministry. These are the people behind the White Ribbon Day hate campaign against men.

I did a quick Google, and found her CV on an archived version of her now defunct website Herbert won acclaim recently for her Victoria University thesis which criticised the government for failing to deliver on it’s promises to tackle family violence.

I also found a paper she has published called Implementing Government Stratgies for Complex Social Problems.

She makes her radical agenda explicit:

“Addressing family violence requires a major social change in individual attitudes and relationships, cultural and religious belief systems and society’s opinions”

Based on what I’ve read, I predict this enquiry will avoid addressing any of the faulty assumptions and ideology that underpin the NZ domestic violence industry. It will recomend more jobs for the girls in Wellington (as “planners”), new layers of beauracracy to control implementation of the radical feminist agenda, and new coercive mechanisims to force non-government agencies to toe the line. And above all it will demand more taxpayer dollars.

I have no doubt that Mr Glenn is an intelligent man. I can only conclude that he has figured out where the real political power resides in NZ, and that he is attempting to curry favour.

We don’t need any more enquirys anyway

If anyone is still in doubt about where the real problem lies, they should read UK Family Commissioner Karen Woodall’s recent article: The terror of the politically correct; on silence, assumption and overcoming good intentions.

She writes:

In fact, my attendance at this [domestic violence] event lead me to wonder whether, in line with women’s refuges, there was some kind of exemption from having to adhere to equalities law. Certainly the confident way in which flawed statistics, discredited reports and gendered narratives were being bandied around, would suggest that here is a field in which the dominant group feels entirely comfortable with prejudice.

Woodall describes:

…a developing body of research that demonstrates that intimate partner violence is not just one type of violence but can be differentiated into four different and distinct patterns of violence. These four patterns are Coercive and controlling, Violent Resistance, Situational Couple Violence and Separation Instigated Violence.

Then she comments:

Expressing that view at the domestic violence event however was a bit like telling flat earth people that the world is round. Gasps of disbelief greeted the idea that violence could be something that both people engaged in and the idea that a woman who has been in a violent situation with a man could actually recover and even, dare I say it, go on to co-parent with him after separation was horrifying to many.

Woodall describes the people Glenn is planning to fund:

This world that these women inhabit, is about creating and perpetuating the notion that all violence is the same, all men are dangerous and all women are potential victims. It is about silencing discussion, terrorising those who disagree and about rigid political correctness in which those who do not conform are viewed as colluding with the “perpetrator’.

So I’m not celebrating, and I sure don’t think men are going to be listened to by Ms Herbert and her colleagues.