MENZ Issues

Safe Cognitive Thought Processes?

It is scary, how men and women can be warned about some hazard, for example the familycaught$, yet they will sail on into it with a high degree of trust. Sure, the Government advertises the quality and fit-for-purpose of the familycaught$, despite the steady stream of complaints that they receive and ignore about it. This malicious disinformation makes it much harder for the public to gain a fair appraisal of familycaught$ operations, before it is too late for them.

In many cases, the warning comes horribly true and they are then surprised by what has hit on them and their wallet.

Processes of self-delusion:
1. self-justification,
2. mental compartmentalization, or
3. invincibility beliefs – it won’t happen to me!

Of course, the people who work in familycaught$ use these same processes, to persuade themselves that they are successfully doing their job and that they are in some way, serving the society that they prey on.

These issues make it all the more important that we communicate to the public, in a way in which they can and will listen, about how best to protect their family in dealings with familycaught$.
Kill the Family Court

Inner Contradictions Among Men Who Bareback
This choice of reference is deliberately provocative.

Maybe the Government has been deceived by it’s own propaganda? Even so, the shear financial cost is forcing them to wakeup. It is not just the direct cost of familycaught$, but what it is achieving in terms of mass childhood vandalism (ie abuse) and resulting overflow of prisons, also weakening of parental authority and accountability.

As a society, we need to wakeup and respond constructively to the threat that familycaught$ poses to our children and all of their relationships.