MENZ Issues

Sureal double standard

I find this story rather sureal.

The situation seems to be that a family traveled willingly to another country. It is implied that the father then decided to stay in that country with his children and with the mother if she wishes. The mother was always free to leave at any time. The father has done nothing illegal under that country’s laws or under NZ laws. He has not done anything to harm the childrens’ relationship with the mother or to seperate them.

Diplomatic intervention in a foriegn country.

A NZ female diplomat has rushed into the situation to visit the mother. I’m sure they would not bother to do that for a father but that’s OK, the visit was what should happen. The mother has then attempted to kidnap the children. When she was prevented the female NZ diplomat has then staged a sit in to demand that she be allowed to kidnapp the children. The article goes on to state that at the end of it all the mother has not seen her children (by choice) for a week. Yes fathers you read that correctly. A week. And by choice.

We already have a patently false allegation that “The children live on two or three pieces of fruit a week”. Give me a break! An entire community moved to protect the children from being kidnapped but yet they are starving them. Sure, of course they are. Thus making it clear the father has every reason not to trust the mother to be honest in any divorce in NZ. We all know what the outcome of these false allegations are for the father in NZ’s system. He clearly has every reason to believe his relationship with the children would have been terminated and he would have been improverished in NZ under our system.

Apparently it is not enough to have daily destruction and seperation of children from fathers in NZ. NZ diplomats and the Labour party insist that other countries should behave the same. The hypocracy is breath taking. Don’t even get me started on the open reporting of what happens in another country versus what happens in NZ. The double standard of the response to this situation versus what happens to fathers on a daily basis in NZ defies adjectives.