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Many years ago, in 1960s USA there was a telephone technician strike. The technicians predicted that within a month, there would be so many faults that had occurred in the telephone exchanges and not been repaired, that most calls would fail to get through. The employers also nervously awaited the expected degradation of the quality of service, but for financial reasons were determined not to give in to their staff for higher wages.

After two weeks, there certainly was a reduction in calls getting through, but not as bad as expected. The technicians could see this by calling between their houses and friends too. Some individual customers had completely lost service, but generally it wasn’t as bad as expected.

After a month, it was becoming obvious that the degradation of service wasn’t at all as bad as had been expected. You see, as technicians repaired faults, they accidentally interfered with nearby circuits, setting them up to fail. Without workers in the exchanges, fewer faults were occurring!

The technicians found that they had to accept a much lower pay rise than they had been hoping to get!
Calls for Family Court charges to be reversed

NewstalkZB | 10:45am Sun 01 Jul 2012
There are strong calls for Family Court charges to be reversed.

From today it’ll cost $220 to get a parenting order, $700 for a relationship property application, and more than $900 for a relationship property hearing.

Labour’s justice spokesman Charles Chauvel says the cost will deter people from using the Family Court.

He says it’s children who’ll be impacted the most.

“Putting this big fee in place means that a lot of them won’t go to court and their miserable domestic situations, where the kids are the ones who are suffering emotionally, will just be prolonged. So it’s actually really cruel from that point of view.”

Mr Chauvel says fee announcements should have waited until after a review of the Family Court.
Maybe the increases in charges will motivate parents to negotiate sensibly and constructively and to finalise their negotiations without resorting to the suited mafia?
Maybe the mechanism of the familycaught will quietly decay away to nothing?
I hope that they don’t go out in a crescendo of bleating and squealing, like pigs having their throats cut?
The increase in Government caught charges will end up having a strong depressing effect on legal-worker’s charges. We might have a bit of entertainment, even more than kindly given by Barry Hart QC.
I am guessing that lawyers will be affected the most.
It might actually be very positive for children, if it motivates honest negotiation between parents!