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Survey: Does PND affect infant-mother attachment and is the role of the father a moderating factor?

New dads are needed to take part in a 25 minute online survey entitled: ‘How does postnatal depression affect infant-mother attachment, and is the role of the father a moderating factor?’

What is the purpose of this study?

As doctors and midwives we are now aware that emotions play a large part in pregnancy, adjustment to parenthood, and in the development of a healthy parent- child relationship. As part of a study we are conducting into the relationship between depression, parent-child relationships, and the effect this has on child development, we are planning to investigate how much emotions change during pregnancy and early parenthood, and the affect this has on the relationship with the child.

We would be very grateful for your, and your partners help in completing the online questionnaire to evaluate this. The main researcher is Ms Morag MacPhail who is both a Health Visitor in Inverclyde and a part time student at the University of the West of Scotland. We hope that both you and your partner will agree to participate and that you will enjoy being part of this study

Who can take part?

Dads and mums over 18 years old who are over 12 weeks pregnant or with a child under 14 months.

To learn more, or to start the survey:
Does PND affect infant-mother attachment, & is the role of the father a moderating factor?