MENZ Issues

The pernicous feminst ideology is the ruling ideology.

The NZ Herald has published an article on the best places to be a woman since it is/was 101st International Women’s Day.

18) Best place to leave your husband: Guam

Now I know there is no unified International Men’s Day and attempts to create one have been ignored by our feminst media. However if there was one could you imagine that NZ Hearld would write an article on best places to be a man and list the country where it’s best to leave your wife?

We of course we know we live in a society with a pernicous feminst ideology as a ruling ideology, however it doesn’t hurt to point out the hypocracy.

Lately I have been responding to feminsts comments as I find them. I am starting to see more unwillingless from feminsts to discuss issues. They have already had experiences of being shot down in flames and they are trying to find ways to avoid the debate while still pushing their ideology.