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Archive of August 2013

UK dads

Sat 31st August 2013:

Below link is an interesting look at last nights UK ITV’s ‘fatherless children’ program.The attitude toward fathers of society in general is expressed succinctly in the first few minutes by Zirene, a mother of Manchester, where in total ignorance and narcissism states that her absent children’s father is missing out, not the kids because “they […]

GPS monitoring of protection-order respondents

Fri 30th August 2013:

FYI, our letter to Hon Anne Tolley regarding her Radio NZ interview on 16 May 2013, that can be heard here. It’s incredible how complacent kiwis are about government removal of civil rights and fair treatment. We believe western governments including New Zealand are preparing for major repression of their populations and are awarding themselves […]

Girl, 8 murdered for wanting her father…?

Thu 29th August 2013:

Is it just me or does this not speak volumes… Girl is taken away from her dad, into a foreign country, by her mum with another man in her house. He tries feebly, but fails to be a protective step-dad.. girl asks to see her dad, before too long, she is dead. There are many […]

Radio NZ piece on Infanticide

FYI, our email to the ‘Nine to Noon’ programme on National Radio, Radio NZ concerning its piece on Infanticide this morning (you can hear it here): Dear Nine to Noon Infanticide is one of our laws that remains blatantly sexist, that treats offending by a woman as somehow more acceptable than the same offending by […]

Fathers Day Picnic/BBQ

Tue 20th August 2013:

Father and Child Trust are pleased to invite you to”¦ our Fathers Day Picnic/BBQ Sunday 1st Sept, 2013, Noon – 4pm at Ambury Farm Park, Mangere Bridge, Auckland… Families welcome, low cost sausages, drinks, ice creams, coffee”¦ Father and Child Trust Auckland Ph 525 1690

Father’s Day 1st September Sydney

Sun 18th August 2013:

Greg Andresen of Men’s Health Australia has set up a March for Father’s Day, 1st September Sunday, at Hyde Park Corner, Sydney. The Theme is A Voice for Children and is against all of the commercial forms of Parental Alienation. These issues are even more of a problem in New Zealand than in Australia, where […]

Visit with Erin Pizzey

Fri 16th August 2013:

Yesterday my wife Felicity and I visited one of our long time heroines Erin Pizzey at her home in Twickenham. Erin is famous for founding the world’s first Women’s Refuge back in 1971. The movement she started was subsequently hijacked by militant radical feminists with a Marxist agenda. She was subject to villification and even […]

KFC thinks female violence is funny

Tue 13th August 2013:

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is currently running ads to promote its new Hot Shot Bites. The spots feature a woman violently slapping a man. According to the KFC Facebook page, these adverts are intended to be humorous. The organisation SAVE Stop Abusive and Violent Environments is running an international campaign to get these misandrist adverts […]

New child support formula, potential issue

Mon 12th August 2013:

Hi Just trying to get my head around the new child support calculations that will come in next year. I instigated a review earlier in the year and my son’s mother had no PAYE income but in excess of $120,000 listed in other sources, I.e shares, dividends, trusts etc. With the new formula it is […]

Felicity Goodyear-Smith vilified in UK

Sat 3rd August 2013:

The on-going campaign to discredit my wife’s professional reputation has just derailed a major international collaboration she has been working on. As some MENZ readers will be aware, I am currently staying with her in London while she is on sabbatical from her position as Head of Department and Goodfellow Postgraduate Chair of General Practice […]

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