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Archive of September 2013

Government Announces The New familycaught$

Thu 12th September 2013:

There is intense background (hidden from the public) lobbying in progress, illegal under NZ constitutional conventions, aimed at protecting the present Government funding of the NZ legal workers and the unmanagement of conflicts of interest. Those Who Don’t Learn from History Are Doomed to Repeat It – George Santayana FAMILY COURTS – AN INTERVIEW WITH […]

Flexible working roles for men

Wed 11th September 2013:

Yes, here we have it guys, it’s definitely in the bottom line of this article. “Leadership talent is in short supply in New Zealand and globally. Yet at every successive management level significant proportions of talented women drop out or their career stalls. This is the leaking talent pipeline,” it says. Who are the authors […]

Legal worker’s frauds

Tue 10th September 2013:

In trying to work out what Mr. Evgeny Orlov’s incompetence trial was actually about (as it seemed to be a distraction tactic), brought me round to what would be the top priority for the law society to avoid public discussion? The top two issues, to my guess, would be: 2. failure to serve the customer […]

Cold comfort for the working man.

Mon 9th September 2013:

United Future’s flexible government-superannuation proposal is typical of Dunne’s on-going lack of respect for New Zealand men. National has been in no hurry to confront what others are calling an essential issue with John Key telling us that the retirement age won’t be raised from 65 while he is prime minister. That may suggest that […]

Get your fat off.

Thu 5th September 2013:

It has recently been declared that New Zealand women’s biggest health issue is obesity, which now comes in ahead of well canvassed issues such as breast cancer and the affects of cigarette smoking. The difficulty, that men in particular face, is that the subject is often seen as a taboo area of discussion between any […]

Rough Justice

I post this clip BBC NEWS to illustrate the danger that men encounter when bad things happen to their female partners. Two good men have lost a good proportion of their lives due to a Police witch hunt after Barrie White’s girl friend, Rachel Manning, 19, was murdered. Kieth Hyatts interview is very sad indeed. […]

Crown drops indecency case

Mon 2nd September 2013:

The curious case of tonsil touching has come to an end. Crown drops indecency case against former teacher It seems for this man a lot of things came to an end while he was waiting for the Police to drop the case.

Going to Court without a Lawyer? Research Project on Self-Represented Litigants – now NZ wide

If you are currently representing yourself in the Family, District or High Court, or have a case that finished in the last year, you may be eligible to participate in a research project on the self-representation in the New Zealand civil courts. The study is now open to anyone in New Zealand. Have your say […]

Protecting legal worker’s marketing image from the truth

Sun 1st September 2013:

Judge Jock: Time to Pull Finger, Grave Charges Against Lawyer, Star Chamber Convened Jock Anderson | WEEKEND REVIEW Fancy being a Judge? Get Involved and Do Your Bit Folk are wanted to serve on a host of New Zealand Law Society specialist committees – someone reckoned there’s about 154 of them at last count.

We’ve come for your children, we must take all four!

That terrible night, the four children slept “Social Service” were coming, their mother just wept! Two burly strangers soon broke down the door, We’ve come for your children, we must take all four! The “Social worker” told you “keep perfectly calm” Your kids are at risk of suffering harm! So struggling and kicking and screaming […]

Men’s Concerns are Gaining Traction

There is increasing evidence that men speaking up are gaining a little traction. The Labour Party leadership’s rapid retreat from the ‘man-ban’, sexist exclusion of men from electorates (that can only be described as a misandrist corruption of democracy) was one example. We believe that 2, or 5 or 10 years ago no male Labour […]

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