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Archive of November 2013

MoMA: Letter to Children’s Commissioner Russell Wills

Fri 29th November 2013:

We will no longer participate in ‘debate’ here because it is not safe to do so given some participants’ tendency to respond with personal attacks, insults and rudeness. We regret this but still see MENZ Issues as an important repository for men’s movement and gender political news, so we will post our significant correspondence and […]

Men’s Liberation Art Theory

Mon 25th November 2013:

Masculist Art

Petition to stop International Violence Against Women Act

This past Thursday a radical member of the United States Congress introduced the International Violence Against Women Act. Yes, I-VAWA has all the shameful biases! Help us put a stop to I-VAWA and sign the petition:

Judges finding it tough with extended free time.

With the long holidays being forced on judges they now say they are finding it difficult to cope with their free time.

Suicide Remembrance

Sun 24th November 2013:

Friends & family members lost to suicide remembered today. Friends and family members lost to suicide will be remembered at an event in Auckland today. The non-denominational candle lighting service is organised by Solace Support Group. Chief Coroner Neil MacLean will be there…he’s recently been pushing for a more open dialogue around suicide. The service […]

Good week for White Ribbon – Not

Thu 21st November 2013:

As White Ribbon invest their energy and our money in a bigoted social campaign against ‘male domestic violence’ the news this week has served up a chilling slice of reality, about life in New Zealand. On Sunday, as fate would have it, the alleged attempted murder of a Hamilton man was captured by an in-store […]

Men’s Identities – seen through their spending patterns?

Wed 20th November 2013:

Social science may have largely ignored men as individuals, but there is money to be had by listening to men…… Men’s Health Australia announce release by Saachi and Saachi: The Modern (Aussie) Man White Paper

Can the mother take my 14 year old to live in Canada without my consent

Mon 18th November 2013:

Hi All, I live in Australia but the mother of my children lives in NZ and is in custody of 2 of my children. Recently she has applied to the Family Court to take my 14 year old daughter to Canada whilst at the same time trying to have my guardian rights removed so I […]

Woman Drunk Driver Victim? – Yeah Right

The media likes to call the woman a victim even when the facts are obvious. She was caught drunk driving, let off with just her keys taken, went out of her way to drive drunk again, killed herself and injured some mates in the process.


Sun 17th November 2013:

The following is a conversation that took place at the Herald’s office yesterday……

Unpaid Child Support

The girls having a chat about how things is. Make sure you have some form of safety device holding you into your computer chair before listening to Paula Bennett on this one.

Domestic violence caught on cctv

The attempted murder of a man in Hamilton today. “At this time a male pedestrian has been run over by a car driven by his 44-year-old female partner at the Ohaupo Rd shops by the intersection with Normandy Ave,” he said. Viewer discretion advised – contains graphic footage of female violence.

Judith Collins, give this Judge a job in NZ !

Fri 15th November 2013:

Risk management and on-site safety

Sun 10th November 2013:

Roast Busters

Sat 9th November 2013:

The events of the last few days have seen shades of village green rising across the country as the Roast Busters story unfolds. Flaming torches and pitch forks are not going to promote any level of understanding as to why this has happened – I would suggest quite the opposite. If there is any attempt […]

Roast Busters and the throw away dad

I would like to focus on what lead these boys (not men as the media first suggested becasue they were 15 and 16 at the time) and to a lesser extent the girls to the situation they find themselves in today. The mere fact the girl drank until she was drunk and boys posting a […]

The NZ man and his lost castle

Wed 6th November 2013:

A man’s home is his castle. That’s a saying, not so old as when knights were bold – that bastion of freedom, where every man had the opportunity to own and occupy his piece of land, with little interference from the state or another man. But within the time of living memory this has changed […]

Love him or hate him he has been one of us!

Mon 4th November 2013:

Is he being suppressed by the clobering machine? Its worth “Googling” “Benjamin Easton” to see the causes he has fearlessky fought, including fathers rights.. I conjecture that his success gaining the publics eye championing his various “Causes” has caused the establishment to attempt to muzzle him.

Men’s concerns just a distraction

Sun 3rd November 2013:

This issue was discussed recently in the post Men’s Concerns Gaining Traction The issue “portrayed’ as a man-ban might have not have gained traction but it would be naive to think it doesn’t still exist in another form; that is exactly what this article says – the intent is still there, we’ll find another way […]

Douglas Graham knighthood

Fri 1st November 2013:

The Lombard Finance Company collapse, the losses and the roll-on effect on its investors is a well-known story in New Zealand. Prime Minister John Key announced today that Sir Douglas will retain his knighthood.

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