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A Learning Organisation?

Hunt on for reformed ex-prisoners
SHANE COWLISHAW Last updated 05:00 09/12/2013

It might be the last thing a reformed criminal wants to hear – the Corrections Department is on your trail.
It’s keen to track down young former prisoners who have successfully turned their lives around, in the hope that they can help others to follow the straight and narrow.

It wants to find out what has kept the young people, aged between 17 to 20 at the time of their imprisonment and who had been in jail more than once, out of prison since, and how they can help current and future prisoners do the same.
Anyone who agrees to be interviewed will not have their names revealed in any information provided back to the department. This is to ensure honest responses, including whether the person has committed a crime since being released but has not been caught.

The department’s research and evaluation director Peter Johnston said it was hoped the research could add to changes being made to the way prisoners were assisted in reintegrating into the community.

Most young offenders who were sent to jail never returned, but a small hardcore group who committed serious crimes had a 90 per cent chance of being locked up again within five years of release.

The main difficulty would be finding the former prisoners and convincing them to take part in research, something that was much easier to do while they were in jail.

Rethinking Crime and Punishment spokesman Kim Workman was positive about the research,..

That had shown it was usually a significant person in an offender’s life, such as a partner, who stopped them reoffending. Other reasons were religious or cultural beliefs, or having something such as a sport or activity to focus on.
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Evidence based practice – for improving social policy re teenager’s quality of life. Sir Peter Gluckman
Evidence based practice is all the rage in medicine. Its not just talk, it has advanced the pace of improvement. This is because medical doctors are educated in medicine and have enough maths knowledge to carry out quality research.
CYFs refuses to have a complaints system run independently of its control……. But why?
The Police Independent Complaints Authority lacks so much independence, that they have had to put the word “Independent” into it’s name, as a dishonest marketing ploy. But at least it is better than when complaints were handled just by police management.
Lawyers may be able to do legal research, but few have knowledge of statistics and maths, to be able to perform useful research, so….
But, I remember Mahony and Peter Bashier saying that the familycaught$ is a learning organisation.

Is the familycaught$ listening to it’s customers?
Who is it listening to (apart from those who benefit from sailing in it)?

Sure, $billion a year Corrections Department is only willing to pay prisoners $50 for the interview, research on the cheap, cheap, cheap.
But familycaught$ research is only research-less research – dishonest marketing effort, not research in any sense?
Who has ever seen an evaluation including perverse effects, or p values, from anywhere in the joostice department, let alone fc$?
Honest research takes time, costs money and would take integrity!
Quality research would be an investment in improving our society, which is why familycaught$ doesn’t want research to happen, even by accident?
How many manslaughter$ might be needed before our society makes a commitment to improve familycaught$?
—> Einstein suggested that problems are never solved by the same level of thought, as that which created the problems!
Discussion or Dynamite?
Lets not decide just by creative apathy, even drugs would be better….

MurrayBacon – axe murderer.