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Are Mooloo women more violent?

Recently there was an horrific incident in Hamilton where a woman drove on to a suburban footpath and attempted to run down her partner with a car. She has since been charged with attempted murder. The original post was submitted here – Domestic violence caught on cctv

What are they putting in the water in Hamilton? This is not the first time this has happened.

A report here – Woman runs over man four times.

She returned a breath alcohol reading of over 980 micrograms per litre of breath. The limit is 400mcg.

She was charged with driving with excess breath alcohol, her third or subsequent offence, assaulting a person with a blunt instrument and careless driving.

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Did anyone see any follow up media to this court case?

I ask this question, as the last report of the attempted murder charge above was that the defendant was due to appear in court on Friday morning, but there are no follow up media reports.