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Disproportionate sentencing

I could have posted this under one of the other pussy pass posts but seriously this is more than sick enough to warrant its own post.

The teenage girl was sentenced to two years intensive supervision and 200 hours community work for six charges, including uploading the images to the internet.

She is also subject to conditions around not associating with children or having access to devices capable of connecting to the internet or taking photos.

Justice Ellis told her she hoped the teen understood how lucky she was to be given the chance to redeem herself.

“The harm you caused this little girl and her family will never be over. Unlike you, they do not get a second chance.”

Given the nature of this offence and the age of the victim (10 years)

Johann Daubeck, 19, and his girlfriend, whose identity is suppressed, were sentenced in the High Court in Auckland today by Justice Rebecca Ellis.

Daubeck was sentenced to seven years in prison with a minimum period of imprisonment of four years.

He had pleaded guilty to sexual violation by rape of a child under 12, sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection and one charge of making an intimate visual recording.

If the co-offender had been male – no way!

What I have also found interesting is sentencing involving animals. Compare this – story here.

A Rotorua woman has been sentenced to four months’ jail after her pitbull attacked a toddler and tore a large section of skin of the child’s forehead.

Philomena Mathews appeared for sentencing before Judge James Weir in the Rotorua District Court.