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Do mental health services endanger men?

I am looking at this recent news article – Son paid for negligence with his life, say parents.

Geoffrey Tampin, a long-term psychiatric patient with a history of occasionally aggressive behaviour, had been skipping medication, drinking excessively and taking recreational drugs in the months before he killed his flatmate Dean Clark in Balmoral, Auckland, in June last year.

This has happened before, does anyone remember the Malcolm Beggs story – Killer had murder branded on his leg.

Mental health services knew that axe killer Lachlan Jones was thinking about murder weeks before he took his flatmate’s life – he had burned the word into his flesh.

When you put this along side stories like …

Domestic violence caught on cctv

Woman runs over man four times.

… you start to wonder if any consideration is given to the effects on men by mental health services.

It is a bit like the, ‘who cares if a man dies in a forestry accident’ attitude.