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I know that this sounds like old news – because it is. However, even if it sounds like a repeat from the past, it still is critically important.

There have been several political parties in NZ, that have seemed to offer some hope towards a sensible balance between women’s and men’s rights.

Republican Party, Kiwi Party, United Future all seemed to offer some sliver of hope. One died from lack of broad support, one was taken over by the money from a single individual and possibly has withered, the latter still continues in existence, neither moving forwards nor backwards.

It is a bit optimistic, to inspire a new political party from a single issue, but the broad need is there and waiting to be answered. Politics is the art of compromise, to gain broad based support.
Two months ago (Mike Buchanan) wrote an article for AVfM titled, “Fighting feminism – let’s get practical’. It was a call to MRAs to start fighting the manifestations of feminism on an issue-by-issue basis:

Mike says:
So, what has our campaign achieved? We’ve succeeded in stopping prominent advocates of GDITB publicly claiming that one consequence of Gender Diversity In The Boardroom (GDITB) will be enhanced corporate performance. Those advocates include numerous politicians, including the very left-wing Business Secretary, Vince Cable. We’ve contributed to House of Lords and House of Commons inquiries, and enjoyed some national newspaper coverage of our campaign. But we’ve yet to persuade a single government minister – in a Conservative-led coalition – to meet with us, or to engage with our arguments.
From a media technical viewpoint:
Mike Buchanan announced “his” party (which I shall personally lead), on A Voice for Men website in USA and he published the supporting article on a WordPress blogsite. I guess this gives good suggestions for us to apply in NZ too, about the use of websites and blogsites.


Skeptik has encouraged Hans to contribute to A Voice for Men website. Excellent idea. I suggest that NZ needs a somewhat similar website in NZ, to fit the local culture appropriately and also a blogsite for constructive debate, without so much psychotic/neurotic spice as enjoys.

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